Model castrated male companion to ‘cure’ homosexuality

A Portuguese male model told police that he castrated and killed his companion in a posh New York hotel to “cure” him of homosexuality.

The gruesome killing occurred while model Renato Seabra, 20, and well-known Portuguese fashion writer and gay activist Carlos Castro, 65, were staying together at the city’s five-star Intercontinental Hotel. The two had been dating since October and were due to stay in New York until next week.

According to police reports, Seabra used a corkscrew to castrate Castro and gouge out one of his eyes.

“He said he did it to get rid of Castro’s homosexual demons,” a police source reported to multiple media outlets. Seabra is also alleged to have shouted, “I’m not gay anymore,” after the attack.

Seabra reportedly confessed to the killing while recovering in Bellevue Hospital’s psychiatric ward, where he is in custody. Seabra is being treated for slashes to his wrists.

In addition to being mutilated, an autopsy showed Castro had died from blunt force trauma and strangulation.

Seabra has been charged with second-degree murder.