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Internet sources claim anti-gay Senator to be outed

The gay blogosphere is abuzz with rumors that anti-gay U.S. Lindsey Graham, R – S.C., is about to be outed.

Mike Rogers, who’s made it his life mission to out anti-gay leaders, says he has pictures of one of Graham’s boy toys leaving the lifelong bachelor’s home after spending the night there, according to several bloggers. Rogers claims to have a 100-percent track record as an outer.

Rogers tweeted on Dec. 18 that he had a meeting with his lawyer about the imminent release of his pictures. Wonkette displayed the tweets online today.

Gawker reports that Graham has been hounded by gay rumors since first running for Congress in the 1990s. One of Graham’s fellow South Carolina politicians let the rumor slip in a 2009 interview. Earlier this year the New York Times did a profile on Graham in which the interviewer asked him point blank to respond to the rumors.

“I ain’t gay,” Graham answered.

Graham’s most recent anti-gay action was to oppose the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Following the vote to repeal the discriminatory policy, Graham, who is an active member of the Air Force reserves, issued a statement strongly condemning the vote.

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