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Pride flag burned on Mich. campus

Albion College said it has taken "appropriate action" after confirming that two students burned a gay Pride flag last month at the school.

When three students found the flag in a trashcan on Oct. 18, two lit it on fire. The third had a crisis of conscience and admitted her role to campus security. But she was told not to talk about it and no action was taken, she said.

"I want to make it very clear that the college condemns harassment of any member of our college community," said Albion College President Donna Randall in a statement. "I personally find such behavior reprehensible and offensive. I feel confident that those involved will not participate in such acts in the future. We remain fully committed to protecting the rights of all members of the campus community and sustaining a campus environment that is welcoming to all persons."

But Randall’s commitment was questioned by some students, who complained that the perpetrators were not punished. An online petition was created calling for alumni to cease donations to the school until the situation had been fully addressed.

Randall said that "appropriate action has been taken to address the conduct of the students involved," but that privacy laws prohibited her from providing additional details about that action.

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