Teens harass and threaten gay man on public bus

According to www.wauwatsoanow.com, a gay man was harassed and threatened while riding a MCTS bus on Sept. 13. The crime was comitted by two teenaged boys (ages 16 and 17) who verbally assaulted the man using homophobic language and threw candy at him. The bus pulled over at 104th Street and North Avenue where the driver told the boys told to get off after the man asked for help.

The man was wearing a work ID, and the boys told him they would show up at his work to beat him up. Later, they went to his work. They were arrested at Mayfair Mall.

The boys were arrested for disorderly conduct. The older boy was also arrested for trespassing (he had previously been banned from the mall), for giving false information to an officer. He also had  a warrant for running away from a group home.

See the original story here: http://www.wauwatosanow.com/news/103460559.html