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Thousands celebrate Gay Mardi Gras

Thousands of people partied their way through Australia’s annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade, held in late February.

The parade – one of the world’s largest gay pride events – had 9,400 participants and 135 floats and featured the theme, “History of the World” – a look at gay history.

One reveler dressed as Osama bin Laden led a group of dancing “Binlettes,” who sported pink sequins and improvised “mini-burkas,” which only covered the head.

“Michael Jackson’s Thriller Zombie Marching Group” followed a hearse through the streets, which the director and producer of the float, Gareth Ernst, said was a parody of the celebrity death cult.

Spectators crowded the route of the parade through Australia’s largest city. They held rainbow banners and Aussie flags aloft in the hot night air.

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