Ad Submission Guidelines


To ensure placement, reserve ad space and submit ad copy no later than 4 p.m. on the Thursday (one week) before publication. Click here for a list of ad deadlines and publication dates.

Your account executive will have additional details about where to email ads and how to label your files for efficient processing.

Maximize your ad's appeal by following these simple guidelines

Preferred file format

Wisconsin Gazette prefers PDF files with fonts embedded for maximum quality of your printed ad. But if you must send your ad as a high-resolution image, then please save it on at least HIGH quality JPEG at 300 dpi or higher. No crop marks are necessary. We do not accept Quark or InDesign native files. Click here to learn more about the PDF format.


Because you will be saving and sending your ads as PDF, take care to embed your fonts to ensure proper proper printing. If the fonts are not embedded, we cannot guarantee the finished look of your ad.


Use high-resolution images (300 dpi). The total maximum dot combined should not exceed 240 percent. Tiny images taken from Web sites are not suitable for high-quality advertising. Do not include images that you do not have permission to use.

Reverse type/colored type

Reverse type, delicate serifs and fine strokes do not reproduce well. Reversed text in a solid black area should be no less than 10 point in size.

Type that is to be reversed out of two or more overprinting colors should be no less than 14 point. Colored type created by overprinting the process colors should be no less than 14 point.

Black ink/rich black

All black type should be 100% black ink, not rich black. Rich black is created by combining CMYK values.


Please send full-color ads whenever possible. All ads are full-color at no additional charge.

Additional ad options include:

Preferred Placement: Placement in designated sections of the print edition is available on a limited basis.

Inserts: Custom inserts available with advance notice.

Classifieds: Text or display ads designated for our print and web classifieds section. Accepted at the discretion of the publisher. No personals.

Contact your sales rep for details on these or other promotions.

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