Milwaukee trial dates set in death of transgender rapper

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Five men will go to trial this summer for murder in connection with the disappearance and death of the 22-year-old transgender rapper Evon Young aka Yung LT. 

Trial dates were set for June and July in the case being prosecuted by the Milwaukee District Attorney's office, which has filed first-degree homicide charges against Victor Stewart, 27; Ashanti Mcalister, 19; Billy R. Griffin, 26; Ron Joseph Allen, 37; and Devin L. Seaberry, 23.

Griffin is set for trial June 10; Allen and Mcalister, June 24; Stewart, July 1 and Seaberry, July 8. 

Trial dates often are pushed back as motions, including possible plea agreements, are entered.

Young’s mother reported her son missing on Jan. 2 after she received a phone call from Young’s employer notifying her that he failed to show up for work.

Police, after taking the mother’s report, went to Young’s residence in the 5300 block of North 52nd Street to investigate.

The criminal complaint states that Young’s roommate, Griffin, initially claimed Young returned home from work on Jan. 1 but soon after left with an unknown person in a car. An officer searched the residence but didn’t find Young or anything unusual, according to the complaint.

In the days after, family and friends circulated fliers and searched for Young. His mother found a cell phone on the curb outside of his residence, which she turned over to police. It apparently had belonged to Stewart and then Mcalister and was was last used the day Young disappeared.

Additional investigation by police found Stewart’s name in a stolen vehicle report filed about the time of Young’s disappearance by Stewart’s wife.

The vehicle, a Chevy Impala, had been seen by a witness outside Young’s residence and, when police located and seized the car, they found possible bloodstains inside, as well as fingerprints.

Stewart’s wife, according to the complaint, said she reported the car stolen because Stewart had it all night and returned it only the next morning, making her late for work. She also said when he returned home, Stewart was wearing different clothing and that her vehicle smelled of bleach and appeared recently washed.

The MPD arrested five men based on witness statements, physical evidence and statements by Griffin and Stewart.

According to the complaint, Griffin told police that Young arrived home on Jan. 1 and they talked. Later in the night, the doorbell rang and Stewart, Allen, Mcalister and Seaberry – all members of the Black P-Stones – entered the residence.

Griffin said Stewart had a gun and said Young was going to die that night because he couldn’t be trusted. The complaint states that Griffin was told he would be welcomed into the gang if he killed Young.

Griffin told police that the other men punched Young in the face while Mcalister held a gun to Young’s head.

Eventually, the complaint continues, the men took Young to the basement, where they placed a bag over Young’s head. Young fought back, but then a chain was placed over his neck and Mcalister and Allen pulled on it until Young passed out.

Griffin said the attackers began beating Young with tools and, unable to watch any longer, he went upstairs, from where he could hear three gunshots.

The complaint states that Allen left and returned with bleach and duct tape and Stewart, Mcalister and Seaberry wrapped Young’s body in a sheet.

After they cleaned up the basement and showered, the men allegedly took Young’s body to a Dumpster.

Griffin, the complaint states, told police he received a call from Stewart, who told him, “The deed is done.”

Police investigators found blood in the basement on the walls and floor and a piece of duct tape with Stewart’s fingerprint.

The complaint also contains a statement from Stewart, who allegedly told police that Mcalister wanted to kill Young in the kitchen but Stewart told him not to do it there.

He said Mcalister, Allen, Seaberry and Griffin took Young to the basement and that Griffin provided the bag that was placed over Young’s head.

Stewart said Mcalister shot Young three times and that, after they cleaned up the basement, Griffin provided everyone with a change of clothing.

Young’s body has not been found. For 13 days, authorities searched a landfill but did not find his remains.