Gun-carrying incident at Appleton farmers market draws responses

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Concerned residents sent a flurry of emails to Appleton Mayor Tim Hanna after two men showed up armed with assault rifles near the city’s farmers market, according to a new analysis.

A few emails supported the men’s Second Amendment rights, but most were from residents who threatened to stay away from future public events if firearms could be present, the Post Crescent Media reported.

“As long as there are people with guns walking around this city, my family will not be,” wrote Adam Fredrick, of Appleton.

The men were carrying AR-15 assault rifles legally near the market on Sept. 7. Police detained them at gunpoint and handcuffed them before eventually releasing them without tickets.

“If these idiots are this paranoid perhaps they should stay home and protect their fortress and not wander around on the streets,” Mary Rutten, of Appleton, wrote of the men. “I do not want to live like this where people feel they have to carry guns to protect themselves at a public and/or family event.”

Other writers were worried about how the incident might affect the city’s reputation. Some asked Hanna to figure out creative ways to keep the city safe for families without violating state law.

Hanna noted that open-carry laws are governed by state statute and can’t be altered by city ordinance. He added that he’d like to see the state law changed, but acknowledged that the chances of that happening are remote.


+1 3 John 2013-10-30 06:16
Doesn't matter to a crowd of ppl with children what exact model of artificial penis you're carrying in a crowded public area. Douche bags please stay with your own kind. We're trying to have a society here. Thanks
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-3 2 Frank 2013-10-28 11:43
The term "assault weapon", misleadingly describes certain firearms based solely upon aesthetic characteristics . It is not synonymous with "assault rifle", used to categorize firearms based exclusively on their functional characteristics . An M4 and AR-15 may appear similar, but they are not the same at all and the laws regarding the two are very different.

It would be very helpful to the discussion if you could strive for accuracy in reporting, rather than playing upon sensationalist fears.

A more accurate description of an AR-15 is simply "modern sporting rifle" given that functionally, it is no different than many hunting rifles other than the fact that the stock is made of plastic instead of wood, and the angle of the grip used. They are all semi-automatic.
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-1 1 Frank 2013-10-28 11:41
Your article and the accompanying photo incorrectly identify the firearm as an "assault rifle".

Possession of an assault rifle, which is a military rifle capable of fully automatic firing, is highly regulated by the ATF and possession without special permit is highly illegal. An example of an assault rifle is the M4. The term "assault rifle" refers specifically to the functional capabilities of the rifle.

The AR-15 *LOOKS* similar to the M4, but it is not the same in function. The AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle, which functions the same way as all handguns and many hunting rifles - only one round is fired for each time the trigger is squeezed. The misleading term "assault weapon" has been used to categorize a certain group of rifles based on their appearance, but not their function.
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