Dairy farm workers in undercover video charged with mistreating cows

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A screenshot from the Mercy For Animals video.

Four Wisconsin dairy farm workers have been charged with mistreating animals after an animal rights group released secretly recorded video.

Video released in December by the animal rights group Mercy For Animals showed workers at Wiese Brothers Farm attacking sick and injured cows.

Farm owner Mark Wiese told The Associated Press then that he had fired two workers and reassigned a third to duties that didn't involve animals.

The workers were charged earlier this week in Brown County with multiple counts of mistreating animals. Each count is punishable by up to nine months in prison.

The four are scheduled to appear in court in Green Bay on March 4. They do not have attorneys listed in online court records.

Mercy For Animals said its undercover video showed Abelardo Jaimes, Crescencio Pineda, Lucia Martinez and Misael Monge-Minero "viciously kicking, beating, whipping, dragging and stabbing cows."

The farm, according to Mercy, supplies cheese to DiGiorno Pizza.

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0 1 Aj Jacobs 2014-02-16 06:01
Sometimes these practices are the way it is done on farms. Its easy for you city folk to sit back and criticize the way farming is done. Not all of the things on the video I agree with. But things such as the Hip Lift system you seen attached to the skid loader are common practice on a working farm. I've had veterinarians come to the farm with those to help move sick or injured animals. A person who is a licensed animal healer! Unless you have worked with cattle in these situations, please get facts before making false conclusions! Stabbing cows it just wrong I agree. But if you stood behind a cow and asked her to move as opposed to a smack on the ass you would see the difference. They just don't move if asked. If you went to every farm like thus n work for a month I bet its not the only time you will see these things. So you may as well start locking up all the farmers and see how much meat, cheese, bread,ect. you can buy. If you don't already think that this stuff comes from stores!
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