Oral arguments in Wisconsin, Indiana marriage cases set for Aug. 26

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UPDATED: The Aug. 13 hearing set for the oral argument in the Wisconsin marriage equality case was canceled.

The new hearing date is Aug. 26.

A notice from the court on July 25 said, "It is ordered that this case be orally argued on Tuesday, August 26 … in the Main Courtroom, Room 2721 of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, 219 S. Dearborn St., Chicago, Illinois, at 9:30 a.m."

The notice limited each party to 20 minutes.

Represented by the ACLU, same-sex couples challenging Wisconsin's ban on gay marriages had objected to the state's request that the full 7th Circuit Court of Appeals hear arguments in the case. The ACLU said that would delay the appeal and put a burden on the court without any benefit.

The court has now denied Wisconsin's petition for an initial hearing en banc, as well as denied the petition for a hearing by the full panel of the court that came from Indiana. The notice from the court, also released on July 25, said a majority of the judges in regular service had voted to deny an initial hearing en banc. 

Federal judges have struck down bans in both Wisconsin and Indiana. The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals consolidated the cases. Oral argument had been scheduled for Aug. 13, but the court has canceled that session and rescheduled the arguments for Aug. 26.

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0 1 michael 2014-07-27 10:06
you know when all this dual income no kids start leaving Wisconsin who's going to be left to pay all the welfare and all of your bullshit planswalker Illinois is open for medical marijuana and later life gay marriage along with Minnesota and Michigan everybody around us so who would want to stay in this hell hole with you at the wheel
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