GOP seeks to ram through laws undoing Wisconsin’s good government tradition

Written by Louis Weisberg,
Staff writer
Thursday, 05 November 2015 13:54

Former U.S. Sen. and Wisconsin Gov. Robert LaFollette Sr. A leader in the progressive era of the early 20th century, “Fighting Bob” La Follette, as he was known, took on the political corruption of the monied class and became a national icon of good government. Every year, The Progressive magazine and The Cap Timessponsor “Fighting Bob Fest” in Madison to honor his contributions to democracy and apply them to contemporary political challenges of the same nature. La Follette is seen here in one of his final radio broadcasts before his death in 1925.
—PHOTO: EnWikipedia

In times of war and national crisis, Congress has had to respond nimbly, passing laws without going through the usual legislative process, which includes “readings” — dissemination of proposals to legislators — along with holding debates and public hearings. For example, Congress bypassed normal protocol to enact laws responding to the Great Depression, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, said David T. Canon, professor of political science at UW-Madison.

HealthCare.gov rates to rise in Wisconsin

Written by The AP Thursday, 29 October 2015 06:18

The U.S. Health and Human Services Department says the cost of its benchmark plan on HealthCare.gov will go up less in Wisconsin than the national average. 

Analysis: Repeal of John Doe law makes prosecution of political corruption more difficult

Written by Louis Weisberg,
Staff writer
Saturday, 24 October 2015 17:33

A new Wisconsin law limiting secret John Doe probes doesn’t mean prosecutors’ days of pursuing political corruption are over. But their remaining tools have limitations that could make that task more difficult, especially in complex cases, legal experts say.

Republicans get ultimate revenge against John Doe law: They overturn it

Written by AP
and WiG reports
Thursday, 22 October 2015 05:22

Republican legislators have sent Gov. Scott Walker a bill barring prosecutors from using the so-called “John Doe” process to probe political misconduct.


Food stamp recipients in Wisconsin will face new hurdles to keep their benefits under a series of bills Republicans plan to pass Tuesday in the state Assembly, despite objections from advocates for the poor who say the result will be to make it harder for people in need to get food.

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan about to ascend to second in line to the presidency

Written by The AP Wednesday, 28 October 2015 10:09

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan has spent his entire life preparing for a job he says he never wanted.

Ryan worked as a congressional intern in college, returning later to work as a paid staffer on Capitol Hill. By 28, he was a member of the House. By his early 40s, he was the chairman of the House Budget Committee and then the powerful tax-writing Ways and Means Committee. In 2012, he was a vice presidential candidate and a talked-about future presidential contender.

Wisconsin lawmakers hope to entice more women into hunting with pink gear

Written by Louis Weisberg Thursday, 22 October 2015 12:40

Ladies performance realtree camo from Legendary Whitetails

A legislative committee is set to vote next week on a bill that would legalize blaze pink hunting gear. Who says the state’s legislative leaders aren’t taking up the important issues facing Wisconsin?

Federal judge rejects ACLU request to expand ID types for Wisconsin voting

Written by The Wisconsin Gazette Monday, 19 October 2015 12:59

A federal district court today rejected a request to increase access to the ballot for Wisconsin voters. The American Civil Liberties Union sought to expand the list of acceptable identification to include IDs for veterans and students attending technical colleges, as well as out-of-state driver's licenses.

GOP pushes law to protect armed hunters from animal rights activists with cameras

Written by From AP reports Thursday, 29 October 2015 17:16

Wisconsin hunters testified before two legislative committees today about their fears of animal rights activists harming them or their dogs.

Happy trails: More campers using state parks this year

Written by The AP Tuesday, 27 October 2015 07:23

New figures show a record number of campers visited Wisconsin state parks this year.

Sunken treasure?
Lake Michigan shipwrecks could buoy local economies

Written by Lisa Neff,
Staff writer
Thursday, 22 October 2015 09:46

The Rouse Simmons.
— PHOTO: Wisconsin Historical Society

Treasure lies at the bottom of Lake Michigan.

Walker used private email to send hundreds of messages

Written by The AP Monday, 19 October 2015 06:04

Emails obtained by WKOW-TV in Madison show that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and his top advisers used private email accounts to send hundreds of messages early in the Republican's term in 2011.

WKOW reported recently that in response to an open records request Walker's office turned over nearly 1,000 pages of emails sent by top aides in 2011.