WiGWAG: News with a twist, from Miller Park to Macon, Georgia

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Adam Richman, the former host of the Travel Channel’s beloved Man v. Food, has lost weight and is featured in Cosmo UK. - PHOTO: Cosmo

Guns don’t shoot people?

A Macon, Georgia, resident carrying a .45 caliber handgun accidentally fired a round into his own manhood when he tried to holster the weapon during a stop at a gas station. He drove to a friend’s house to assess the damage. He decided to go to a hospital after realizing the bullet had pierced his penis and exited his ass. Too bad there wasn’t someone around with a gun to protect him from himself.


Otto the Autopilot proved to be a crowd-pleaser during a recent appearance at Miller Park, where he nailed the opening pitch before a Brewers game against the Cubs. Yes, that Otto, the inflatable blowup pilot who was pleasured in Airplane! Otto is now appearing in a Travel Wisconsin ad campaign spoofing the 1980s comedy with Wisconsin natives David and Jerry Zucker, who directed the film, as well as Jim Abrahams, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Robert Hayes.

Costco encounter

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor says she was “just shopping” when she dropped by a Costco in suburban Virginia and decided to get a signed copy of Hard Choices at a Hillary Rodham Clinton book-signing. U.S. Rep. John Lewis also stopped by, as did Costco co-founder Jim Sinegal. Clinton’s book tour currently doesn’t include a Wisconsin stop.

Field of memories

In Iowa for a Field of Dreams 25th anniversary celebration, actor Kevin Costner played a little baseball with his two young sons at the field near Dyersville where the 1989 movie was shot. Hundreds of onlookers watched as Costner played catch with his boys, 7-year-old Cayden and 5-year-old Hayes. The movie fans clapped when the boys made a play, prompting Costner to note, “We don’t usually have this many people when we do this.”

Man defeats food

Adam Richman, the former host of the Travel Channel’s beloved Man v. Food, has lost more than 60 pounds since the series ended in December 2011. Richman, the host of the NBC game show Food Fighters, is showing off his slim-trim look in a mostly nude centerfold in Cosmopolitan UK. He says it’s nice to now say “no” to the richest dish and to be thought of as sexy rather than as a teddy bear.

Gay science

After coming out as a gay couple, the hosts of a popular YouTube science show have received a number of homophobic comments. Greg Brown and Mitch Moffitt host AsapSCIENCE, which has over 2 million viewers. Some videos have received up to 15 million views. “The hate that comes from people can be pretty shocking,” the duo posted. “The homophobia we’ve experienced is evidence of the oppression that still exists in society, and has given us all the more reason to be visible within the community.”

Eat away the gay

Jeremy Schwab, a former member of Log Cabin Republicans who helped convince Texas Republicans to back so-called “ex-gay” therapy in the state party’s platform, claims he overcame his homosexuality by indulging in a lot of food. He said in a Facebook post that he was sinful with sex, but since finding religion “food replaced sexual sin.” Now, Schwab says, he’s come “back to the Lord” but can’t “get into my OWN pants.”

Nuns vs. strippers

A convent of nuns in suburban Chicago has filed a lawsuit against a neighbor, a strip club they say plays throbbing music while the nuns try to pray. The Sisters of St. Charles named Club Allure Chicago and the village of Stone Park in their lawsuit filed June 13 in Cook County Circuit Court. They claim the club violates Illinois zoning laws, which require a 1,000-foot buffer between adult entertainment facilities and places of worship.

Cocaine belly?

Police in Deltona, Florida, recently arrested a man for possession of cocaine and 23 grams of marijuana. The man was stopped for failure to wear a seat belt. At 450 pounds, he told authorities he’s too big to wear the safety feature, but a police dog sniffed out drugs hidden under the man’s stomach fat. Police also recovered a handgun and about $7,000.

Dog bites man

A kidnapper’s attempt to sic his dog on a victim backfired after the pup refused to take orders and bit the kidnapper instead, according to deputies in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Gabriel Garcia was indicted on charges including kidnapping, assault, and criminal sexual contact.

Real beasts of N.J.

New Jersey lawmakers are working to pass legislation making sex with animals a fourth-degree crime. New Jersey is one of 14 states that does not explicitly ban bestiality. Lawmakers pushing for the legislation point to the case of a man who can’t be punished for molesting cows. Apparently that activity isn’t covered under the animal cruelty statute.

WaPo to Will: No Way

The Washington Post dismissed right-wing columnist George Will after he wrote a column claiming that being a rape victim is now a “coveted status” sought by college women. He also suggested women who say they’ve been raped are “delusional.” “The column was offensive and inaccurate, we apologize for publishing it,”WaPo said in a statement.