SAY ‘BANANA’… and more WiGWaggish news

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Who gets the credit? British photographer David Slater or the macaque?

British photographer David Slater wants Wikipedia to take down a series of photos that a crested black macaque took of itself in 2011. Wikipedia’s editors are refusing, saying the photo is in the public domain because Slater was clearly not the photographer, and monkeys, while clearly Instagram stars in the making, can’t own a copyright.


The Iowa Board of Medicine has fined a Mason City surgeon for operating on the wrong finger of a patient. The board issued a warning and imposed a $2,500 fine on Dr. Rene Recinos, who performed surgery on the patient’s right ring finger that was supposed to be performed on the patient’s right middle finger. At least the patient can still give the doctor the finger he deserves.


Mischa Badasyan, a 26-year-old, Berlin-based gay performance artist, says sex resulting from hookup apps like Grindr leave him feeling lonely and adrift. So, beginning in September, he’ll have sex with a different man every day for an entire year in a performance piece titled “Save the Date.” The work will explore the contemporary phenomenon of being with so many people sexually yet feeling alone. Badasyan hopes to acquire a small token from each sexual partner that he will then put on display.


A Texas woman allegedly stole a bottle of $3.99 wine to get arrested and see her jailed boyfriend. Police say Alicia Walicke stole a bottle of wine from a gas station, and then stood outside the station drinking the wine and waiting for police. An arrest affidavit says the woman told police she just wanted to see her boyfriend, who was arrested hours earlier.


Eighteen in 10. Gulp. Travis Mizejewski of Amery, Wisconsin, won this year’s Brat Days Festival brat-eating contest in Sheboygan. He ate 18 brats in 10 minutes, coming back from a second-place finish last year to win first this summer. Mizejewski won $500 for himself, $500 for charity and a year’s supply of Johnsonville Sausage. Asked after the contest how he felt, he said, “Full.”


The compound built for but never occupied by Warren Jeffs, the leader of a polygamous sect who is in jail for sexually assaulting girls he claimed were his wives, is now a bed-and-breakfast. The Utah property is called America’s Most Wanted Suites and Bed and Breakfast. Rooms cost $85-$200 a night. The lodging is owned by a former bodyguard of Jeffs, who said it doesn’t “have any spooky history.”


A Welsh company called Dirty Bird Fried Chicken somehow made things even more awkward than the name suggests, when it unveiled a new, phallic-looking logo. Owner Neil Young insists the logo was merely meant to be a playful rendering of the letters “d” and “b” arranged in the shape of a rooster, but marketing materials include aggressively sexual phrases like “Touch my breast” and “Lick my thigh.” 


You’d think a church would be off the scouting list of locations for a porn shoot, but a film crew recorded at least two videos of a woman caressing her breasts while holding a Bible and rosary at an Austrian church. The Austrian Times reported that a priest alerted authorities after parishioners recognized their church in the background (while “surfing the Internet,” they say). But it wasn’t until images from the video were played on local television that a tipster who recognized the woman’s breasts stepped forward. It’s going to be a long week at confession.


In an interview with Wired magazine, whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed that the nationwide blackout of Syria’s Internet during the country’s 2012 civil war wasn’t, as assumed, done deliberately by the government to quash rebels. It was actually done by the NSA during an attempt to gain access to the nation’s digital communications for surveillance. Instead the NSA disabled  it completely by accident. 


An evangelical Christian church in Colorado says it strives to meet the needs of people who “embrace the western cowboy culture.” So, the baptisms are done in a horse trough. Spurs are welcome. Horses are found outside. The preacher likes to be called “Trail Boss.” And the offering plate is an old cowboy boot. We’d joke that the Wild West Cowboy Church sounds like a great place for the fetish crowd, but the church caters to cowboys and “patriots,” as in the gun-toting members of the Southern Colorado Patriots Society.

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