Creationists protest Dr. Pepper over evolution graphic

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Dr. Pepper faces protests from creationists incensed over the company’s Facebook parody of the “March of Progress” diagram.

The graphic posted on Dr. Pepper’s Facebook page shows the “Evolution of Flavor,” with humans evolving with the discovery of the soft drink.

The original post of the image received thousands of comments and likes, and also spawned an anti-Pepper campaign on the Web, especially on Facebook and Twitter.

“God Bless, Coke,” said one man objecting to the graphic showing a pre-Pepper chimp, the Pepper discovery and after-Pepper man. "I'll never drink Dr. Pepper again."

“I’m no longer a Pepper,” tweeted another. “And I never will be again."

A woman on Facebook wrote, "Dr. Pepper: Mocking God and rotting teeth."

But the protest doesn’t seem to have the legs of another Dr. Pepper boycott, this one over a legal battle between Dublin Dr. Pepper in Texas and the parent company.

Dublin Dr. Pepper had been making the soft drink for more than a century using the original recipe – which includes cane sugar not high-fructose corn syrup – and had a loyal consumer base. Dublin DP became entangled with Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, due to objections from other bottlers that apparently didn't like Dublin's continued courting of consumers with cane sugar.