An appearance by Kim Kardashian on the National Public Radio show “Wait Wait ... Don’t Tell Me!” has angered among some listeners.

Excrement exciting at Michigan museum’s latest exhibit

The Flint Journal
Friday, 12 June 2015 19:32

Cream? Sugar? Poop?

Among the other things you’ll learn at the Sloan Museum’s latest exhibit, “The Scoop on Poop,” is that the most expensive coffee in the world, before it was ever roasted, first passed through the colon of an Indonesian mammal called the palm civet. That is to say, if that wasn’t clear, that it pooped it out, according to The Flint Journal.

A Florida community college will no longer have ultrasound technician students practice an invasive vaginal procedure on each other, school officials said this week, after two former students sued the college.

Valencia College's president said in a statement that students instead will use simulators when practicing the invasive ultrasound scanning that is used to check on fertility problems.

Restroom research: Study examines bathroom graffiti by men, women

Written by The Wisconsin Gazette Tuesday, 12 May 2015 08:10

A new article published in Gender, Place & Culture examines how men and women express themselves in the seemingly private and anonymous spaces of public bathrooms.

Texts or drawings in the bathroom stalls, while created in a private space and presumably during a very private moment, are meant to be public — transmitting ideas, images and even responses.

WiGWAG news with a twist, June 18, 2015

Written by Lisa Neff, Louis Weisberg,
Matthew Reddin
Staff writers
Thursday, 18 June 2015 08:07

A man caused a dis- turbance at Hartsfield- Jackson International Air- port’s ticketing area when he took an AK-15 assault weapon with him to check his daughter in for a flight. But Jim Cooley was oper- ating within the law, o7- cials said. Still, a picture of Cooley with his daughter and assault rifle inside the airport caused a commo- tion on social media after Cooley sent the picture to WSB-TV.

Apologies issued for abuse lawsuit filed vs. Hollywood execs

Written by The AP Thursday, 11 June 2015 11:43

Attorneys who sued on behalf of a former aspiring actor, claiming he was abused by two Hollywood executives, have apologized for the lawsuits and say they believe the allegations were untrue.

In letters issued last week, attorney Jeffrey Herman of Boca Raton, Florida, apologized to television executives Garth Ancier and David Neuman for lawsuits claiming that they had abused Michael Egan in 1999.

WiGWAG: News with a twist
Calling Dr. Google?

Written by Lisa Neff,
Louis Weisberg
and Matthew Reddin
Thursday, 21 May 2015 10:05

Calling Dr. Google: When your back aches, your eyes itch, your knees go weak or your nose runs, do you go searching for a cause and treatment on the Web? You are not alone, because Google reports that one in 20 searches are for health-related information. However, an analysis by experts in technology information based in Brisbane and Vienna found major search engines provided irrelevant information leading to incorrect self-diagnosis and self-treatment. The result? A bad case of cyberchondria.

Restaurant owner drops discount for white diners

Written by The AP Monday, 11 May 2015 11:30

A barbecue restaurant in northern Colorado has dropped a much-criticized plan to give white customers a 10 percent discount and will offer the savings to all diners.

Edgar Antillon, owner of Rubbin' Buttz BBQ and Country Cafe in Milliken, hung a sign reading "White Appreciation Day! June 11th. Because all Americans should be celebrated!!"

Mom confirms Kristen Stewart in same-sex relationship

Written by WiG Monday, 15 June 2015 08:17

"Twilight" actress Kristen Stewart is in a relationship with personal assistant Alicia Cargile, according to the actress's mom and a report in the Sunday Mirror.

WiGWAG: News with a twist
Dirty tricks and pretty in pink

Written by Lisa Neff ,
Louis Weisberg
and Matthew Reddin
Thursday, 04 June 2015 22:34

A campaign worker for a New Hampshire legislative candidate faces a felony charge for sending out a fake news release saying his boss’ opponent dropped out of the race. Carl Gibson said he “probably had one too many beers” before he got to work on the news release. Now he’s charged with a misdemeanor count of distributing a false document and a felony count of voter suppression. Does the GOP know that’s a crime?

Nun who kissed Elvis helps save abbey

Written by The AP Tuesday, 19 May 2015 08:06

Mother Dolores Hart finds it miraculous that she was able to turn one kiss with Elvis Presley into the spark that helped save an abbey.

The former starlet who walked away from Hollywood in 1963 to become a nun spun her tale into a fundraising campaign for her crumbling monastery in rural Connecticut. 

WiGWAG: News with a twist
May 7, 2015

Written by Lisa Neff, Louis Weisberg,
Matthew Reddin
Staff writers
Thursday, 07 May 2015 07:44

Miller Park without brats is like … — PHOTO: Pixabay.com

No brats at Miller Park? No way, you say? But that was the embarrassing situation that Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett found at the ballpark when he took visiting New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio to a recent Brewers game. That’s something like De Blasio inviting Barrett to his city only to find the theaters on Broadway closed.