Tom Palzewicz, Democratic candidate for Wisconsin's 5th Congressional District. 

Rep. Sensenbrenner, 

I am appalled by the current administration's recent policy change that forces families apart. These families are often fleeing danger and looking for a better life in our country, just like your ancestors, and just like mine. 

Your silence on this issue is deafening. You and your party claim to stand for family values, yet you have remained silent while children are ripped from the arms of their parents. Your inaction will put you on the wrong side of history. 

How anyone can see what is happening to immigrant families at our borders and not speak out at the cruelty and viciousness happening there is shocking. 

I have strived to run this campaign with dignity and respect, the same dignity and respect you refuse to show to the thousands of families being torn apart at our border, but I refuse to stay silent.

The question is simple, Mr. Sensenbrenner: what if this were happening to your family?

I call on you to condemn Trump's policy, and work with your colleagues to pass legislation that will reunite these families now. 


Tom Palzewicz

5th Congressional District Candidate 


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