Woman fired from 7-11 for giving homeless man a cup of coffee

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A clerk at a 7-11 convenience store was fired for giving a freezing homeless man a $1 cup of coffee, according to thinkprogress.org.

Ava Lins, 19, told ThinkProgress that she sympathized with the man because she herself had recently been homeless. Her mother kicked her out of her house at 18. She said the she lived out of her car or on friends’ couches for six months. She was unable to find a job because she couldn’t wash her clothes, she said.

Eventually she moved in with her boyfriend and found a job at an auto dealership. But her job was eliminated in a restructuring. That’s when she found the position at 7-11 in Salem, Mass. It paid $8.25 an hour.

Before giving the homeless man coffee, she’d advised him to go to a local homeless shelter. He replied that he’d tried but it was full.

Lins said she admitted to store owner Romany Youseff that she’d given the man coffee and she asked paid for it.

Lins told ThinkProgress that she received several job offers since her story went public and yesterday afternoon.