Wendy's wants only pork produced without gestation crates

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Gestation crates. - PHOTO: Wikipedia

Wendy’s, the world’s third-largest fast food chain with more than 6,500 locations, announced this week that it will require its suppliers to produce quarterly reports regarding their ability to provide pork produced without the use of gestation crates.

The cages used to house breeding pigs are so restrictive, the animals can’t even turn around. 

Wendy's stated, “In 2013, Wendy’s met on multiple occasions with pork industry representatives and outside experts to continue work towards our stated goal of sourcing only from gestation stall-free pork suppliers. As a part of this commitment, we now require every raw material and finished product supplier to submit quarterly progress reports that reflect the percentage of stall-free pork supplied to Wendy’s."

The Humane Society of the United States applauded the announcement, which follows a 2012 commitment made by Wendy’s to eliminate the controversial cages from the company’s American and Canadian supply chains.

“We appreciate that Wendy’s and other food companies are walking the walk when it comes to their commitments to eliminate a cruel system that’s simply out of step with how people think animals ought to be treated,” said Josh Balk, HSUS’ director of food policy. “There’s clearly no future for gestation crates in pork production.”

Wendy’s is one of 60 food companies  that have mandated an end to gestation crates in their supply chains.