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YGB: Black teenage girl beaten by our very own MPD

On June 21, 18-year-old black teen Genele Laird was working at Lids Hats at East Towne Mall in Madison when her phone was stolen.

She was angry and a colleague called police. When they arrived, officers apparently did not like her demeanor and rather than helping her recover her stolen property, they began approaching her to take her into custody.

According to video footage, almost immediately upon being approached two MPD officers began brutalizing the thin-framed Laird.

The attack included repeatedly kneeing her in the side, punching her in the side and face, shoving her to the ground, tasing her and putting a bag over her head while continuing to tase her.

The Young Gifted and Black Coalition with Freedom Inc call for Laird’s immediate release and that police drop the four felony charges against her.

Reportedly police have charged Laird with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct with a weapon because she had a knife in her purse, harming an officer and spitting.

This officer was very comfortable abusing this troubled teen on camera in broad daylight. A city that lets this happen is a city that needs change at root levels.

YGB and FI demand the following:
• Laird’s immediate release.
• That all charges against her are dropped.
• That the offending officers are arrested.
• Community control of the Madison Police Department.
We have got to to better as a community. We will do better. Stay tuned about how you can help.
People Power is all we got. All Power To The People! #freegenele #handsoffblackwomen #communitycontrolofpolice.

Watch the video here: https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3a%2f%2fwww.facebook.com%2f100008713631510%2fvideos%2f1586578181642621%2f&show_text=0&width=400

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Pope Francis appoints sex-abuse victim to advisory commission

Among those tapped by Pope Francis to a commission to advise him on sex abuse policy an Irish woman assaulted as a child by a priest to start plotting the commission’s tasks and priorities.

The pope announced the commission’s first eight members, including lay and religious experts, after coming under criticism from victims’’ groups. The Roman Catholic Church’s global sex abusive scandal and massive cover-up operations have devastated the church’s reputation and cost dioceses billions of dollars in legal fees and settlements.

In December, the Vatican announced that Francis would create a commission to develop best policies to protect children, train church personnel and keep abusers out of the clergy. But no details were released until today, and it’s unknown whether the commission will have the authority to discipline bishops who cover up for abusers.

In a statement today, the Vatican hinted that it might, saying the commission would look into both “civil and canonical duties and responsibilities” for church personnel, AP reported. Canon law does provide for sanctions if a bishop is negligent in carrying out his duties, but such punishments have rarely if ever been imposed in the case of bishops who failed to report pedophile priests to police.

The eight inaugural members of the commission include Marie Collins, who was assaulted as a 13-year-old by a hospital chaplain in her native Ireland. She’s become a prominent Irish campaigner in the fight for accountability in the church.

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Wisconsin restaurant owner charged with human trafficking

Authorities say a Kimberly restaurant owner engaged in what amounted to “modern day slavery” when she made a woman work long hours with little pay.

Fifty-one-year-old Yen Meier, owner of Yen’s Chinese Buffet, is facing charges of human trafficking in Outagamie County.

A criminal complaint says the alleged victim told police Meier brought her to Kimberly from China after she became pregnant by Meier’s brother. The woman says she arrived in the United States in December 2011 and was forced to work 12- to 14-hour days, 6 to 7 days a week. She says Meier paid her a total of $50 the entire time she worked at the restaurant.

Fox Valley Metro Officer Scott Van Schyndel tells WLUK-TV (http://bit.ly/17G9TGM ) local police and agents from the Department of Homeland Security arrested Meier on April 16.