The arts can change minds and heal hearts

Written by Jillian Smith,
Special to WiG
Thursday, 26 February 2015 13:03

Running a theater company is like juggling chain saws — there are endless competing priorities. You want to create a season of works with artistic merit to excite performers and staff. You want works that pack a punch and wow audiences. At the same time, bills must be paid, so it is critical to select shows that will attract a wide audience. The two goals need not be mutually exclusive, but it’s a delicate balance. 

It’s easy to find works with strong entertainment value that are certain to do good box office, but they don’t always succeed in other respects. We want to speak directly to the hearts and minds of our audiences, inspiring positive thought, dialogue and change in our world. That is what we believe we were created to do as artists.

Fighting a real battle to help Milwaukee’s poor

Written by State Rep. Mandela Barnes Friday, 13 February 2015 06:58

When Milwaukee succeeds, Wisconsin succeeds. Unfortunately, in too many of our Milwaukee neighborhoods, innocent kids are dying, our children lack access to basic human necessities and our neighbors struggle to find jobs.

For far too long, our communities have been crying out in a fever pitch for their elected leaders to address these real problems. However, these calls continue to get paid only lip service by the Wisconsin Republicans who control our state government. 

‘Right to work’ is a step backward for workers

Written by Jamakaya,
Saturday, 31 January 2015 19:22

Republican politicians, their corporate patrons and their cheerleaders on hate radio are gearing up to push “right to work” legislation on Wisconsin.

Everyone deserves the right to work. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Milwaukee Jewish Federation denounces Paris attacks

Written by Milwaukee Jewish Federation Tuesday, 13 January 2015 07:57

We are outraged and filled with grief after the incidents of terrorism last week in Paris. We join with the people of France and the global Jewish community in loudly and clearly denouncing these attacks by radical Islamic terrorists and offer condolences and prayers for the 17 victims and their families. 

The horrific shooting at the offices of the satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, which left 12 people dead, was an attack on our basic democratic freedoms. On Friday, as many Jews prepared for the Sabbath, terrorists entered a kosher grocery store with the stated intent of "targeting Jews" and murdered four people. 

Decoding the right-wing lexicon

Written by Jamakaya,
Thursday, 26 February 2015 13:00

Choo-Choo: Dismissive term for high-speed and light rail used by right wingers who are so backward in their thinking they associate these 21st century wonders — fueling commerce and transit systems from Paris to Beijing — with the 19th century locomotive chugging into Petticoat Junction.

Sacrificing common-sense for ideology

Written by Jamakaya,
Friday, 13 February 2015 09:53

Gov. Scott Walker’s brazen attempt to delete “truth” and “public service” from the Wisconsin Idea tells us everything we need to know about Walker, his administration, the GOP Legislature, their fat cat donors and their own perverted ideas for Wisconsin.

Since his first state budget in 2011, Walker has targeted public education. Hundreds of millions have been cut from K-12 schools, technical colleges and the university system. This attack is part of a decades-long campaign to defund public education through budget cuts, tuition freezes and transfers of tax dollars to vouchers for private schools, many of them religious.

Ald. Tony Zielinski: Milwaukee streetcar is a luxury the city can’t afford

Written by Milwaukee Ald. Tony Zielinski Thursday, 29 January 2015 12:07

Update Feb. 10: The Milwaukee Common Council approved the streetcar connecting downtown to the lower east side the morning of Feb. 10. 


Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement must be defeated

Written by U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders Tuesday, 30 December 2014 19:11

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a disastrous trade agreement designed to protect the interests of the largest multi-national corporations at the expense of workers, consumers, the environment and the foundations of American democracy. It will also negatively impact some of the poorest people in the world.

The TPP is a treaty that has been written behind closed doors by the corporate world. Incredibly, while Wall Street, the pharmaceutical industry and major media companies have full knowledge as to what is in this treaty, the American people and members of Congress do not. They have been locked out of the process.

Efforts to lower wages reaching new heights in Wisconsin

Written by Richard Trumka,
AFL-CIO president
Tuesday, 24 February 2015 06:53

The effort to lower wages in America is going to reach new heights in Wisconsin this week.  Wall Street billionaires and political extremists are joining together to force a vote on right-to-work legislation which is wrong for Wisconsin hardworking families.

This is a blatant attempt to silence workers’ voices to stop us from speaking out about lower wages and mistreatment at work. 

Wisconsin fights back against ‘Citizens United’

Written by Matthew Rothschild,
Special to WiG
Friday, 30 January 2015 05:26

Jan. 21 marked the fifth anniversary of Citizens United and Wisconsinites are fighting back against that awful U.S. Supreme Court decision as never before.

In the 5-4 decision, conservatives on the court ruled that corporations are persons and money is speech, and therefore corporations, unions and other associations can spend as much as they want on their candidates.

Illegal abortion: Back to the future?

Written by Jamakaya,
Thursday, 15 January 2015 13:44

Forty-two years ago this month, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 7-2 that most restrictions on abortion were unconstitutional. The reasonable compromise of Roe v. Wade has been under attack ever since. 

Time is overdue to repeal the Second Amendment

Written by Tom H. Hastings Sunday, 28 December 2014 07:32

What country fetishizes, lionizes, valorizes, idolizes, and sacralizes guns as much as does our United States? OK, possibly Mozambique — the only country with an AK47 on its flag, but really, it's long past time to end this obsessive "My Precious" attachment of Americans to instruments of death.