Public Health Week aims to help us thrive

Written by Laura Maker,
Special to WiG
Friday, 04 April 2014 19:32

April 7–13 is National Public Health Week.

Think back to your first date. Was it at the movies, at a sporting event, or at a smoke-filled bar? Did your friends and family share the excitement (or the heartbreak) with you? Did your school or church teach you how to practice safer sex? Did you fill up on a pile of french fries or a plate of fresh fruit? Did you know how to communicate your concerns, fears and joys? Were you ashamed of who you were and who you loved, or were you unabashedly proud? 

TRANScriptions: transgender perspectives

Written by Karis Anne Ross Friday, 21 March 2014 11:22

All too often I’ve heard LGB people question the inclusion of transgender people in what is widely known as the LGBT — lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender —community: “Why are we aligned with transgender people?” they ask. Or, “What do we have in common with a bunch of men who want to get their dicks cut off?”

Voices of pride and protest

Written by Jamakaya Friday, 21 February 2014 15:57

February is Black History Month, and this year I got reacquainted with two African-American poets, one gay and one lesbian, who were pioneers of pride, protest and justice.

AFL-CIO responds to House GOP immigration 'standards'

Written by AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka Monday, 03 February 2014 14:08

Seven months after 68 U.S. senators overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan immigration bill, House Republicans respond with a flimsy document that only serves to underscore the callous attitude Republicans have toward our nation’s immigrants.

We said at the beginning of 2013 and we reiterate at the beginning of 2014: A roadmap to citizenship is vital to protecting working families’ rights and keeping families together.  In 2013, Americans made clear they support a path to citizenship for the 11 million aspiring Americans. So should House Republicans. Half-measures that would create a permanent class of non-citizens without access to green cards should be condemned, not applauded.

Let it go — please!

Written by Jamakaya,
Friday, 04 April 2014 19:30


Have you heard about the religious nuts condemning the Disney blockbuster Frozen because it supposedly promotes lesbianism and the “gay agenda”?

Our chance to get immigration right

Written by Lesley Salas,
Special to WiG
Sunday, 09 March 2014 11:25

State Rep. Jocasta Zamarripa

People like to say that the United States is a nation of immigrants. However, some immigrants have been more welcome than others.

Open-pit mine an offense against the land

Written by James Rowen,
Special to WiG
Friday, 21 February 2014 15:44

You might think it’s a little early to be talking about Earth Day 2014, since the annual event is held on April 22.

Digital obsession can cost lives

Written by Jamakaya Friday, 24 January 2014 16:55

I saved someone’s life today.

Lesbians who made a difference

Written by Jamakaya Friday, 21 March 2014 12:09

Jane Addams

Noble and Nobel-winning, creative and creepy, these wildly different lesbians are worth noting during Women’s History Month.

The whole world is watching

Written by Jamakaya Sunday, 09 March 2014 11:10

It is very painful to read about the terrible injustices inflicted on LGBT people in countries outside the U.S.

The triumph of love

Written by Jamakaya Sunday, 09 February 2014 12:05

Valentine’s Day 2014 is shaping up to be one of the happiest for many gay and lesbian couples in America.

Abetted by the 2013 Supreme Court decision that repealed part of the Defense of Marriage Act, nine more states legalized same sex marriage in the past year, bringing the total to 17 states and D.C.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's State of the State address. Transcript

Written by Transcript Thursday, 23 January 2014 08:03

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker delivered his fourth State of the State address on Jan. 22.

Here is the text, as prepared for delivery: