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President Donald Trump.

Public Policy Polling's newest national survey finds that Donald Trump's supporters think whites and Christians are the most oppressed groups of people in the country. 

The PPP survey shows about 40 percent of voters approve of the job Trump is doing to 53 percent who disapprove.

The poll also shows some of his supporters agree with some of the beliefs that led white supremacists to rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Asked what racial group they think faces the most discrimination in America, 45 percent of Trump voters say it's white people, followed by 17 percent for Native Americans. 

Asked what religious group they think faces the most discrimination in America, 54 percent of Trump voters says it's Christians, followed by 22 percent for Muslims.

Overall, 89 percent of Americans have a negative opinion of neo-Nazis and 87 percent have an unfavorable opinion of white supremacists. About 11 percent agree with the Trump's sentiment that it's possible for white supremacists and neo-Nazis to be "very fine people."

The survey shows voters have nuanced views when it comes to Confederate monuments.

Overall 39 percent say they support monuments honoring the Confederacy to 34 percent who say they oppose them. Trump voters support them by a 71/10 spread. 

There's bipartisan support for relocating the monuments to museums or other locations where they can be given historical context — 72 percent of Democrats, 52 percent of independents and 46 percent of Republicans would be in favor of this approach. 

PPP, in its report on the survey results, said, "In a finding that says a lot about how we got to where we are today, Trump voters say they would rather have Jefferson Davis as president than Barack Obama."

Trump's approval rating is 40 percent. About 55 percent say the president is not honest. About 39 percent think he is more corrupt than Richard Nixon and about 48 percent want to see him impeached.

On questions about the 2020 election, Trump trails in a contest against Bernie Sanders and and Joe Biden by double digits. Trump also trails in hypothetical contests against Elizabeth Warren, Mark Cuban and Cory Booker and ties Kamala Harris.

Congressional politics

On a generic congressional ballot for 2018, Democrats win 49-35. 

PPP says the 14-point lead is "a function of a highly divided Republican base at this point."

Also in the poll results: Sixteen percent of voters approve of the job House Speaker Paul Ryan is doing  and Mitch McConnell's approval rating is at just 9 percent.

Among Trump voters, McConnell's approval is at 15 percent.

Only 25 percent of voters support the health care bill considered by Congress earlier this year. And, at this point, only 33 percent of voters think the best path forward on health care is repealing Obamacare.

Overall, Congress has a 9 percent approval rating.


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