Scott Walker

Fed up with Gov. Scott Walker's attacks on wages, working people and their unions, local fast-food and hospital workers in the Fight for $15 will flood the Capitol Jan. 24 in protest ahead of the governor's State of the State address, stressing their commitment to defeat him and elect a pro-worker governor in the November election.

The press conference and rally ahead of Gov. Walker's State of State address takes place Jan. 24 at 11:15 a.m. at the Wisconsin State Capitol, North Hearing Room (2nd Floor North), 2 E. Main St., Madison.

In addition to Wisconsin fast-food, hospital, and other underpaid workers in the Fight for $15, the press conference will also include SEIU members, economist Dr. Michael Rosen, and President of Pastors United Pastor Greg Lewis.

"Since Gov. Scott Walker announced his re-election bid, he has put raising wages at the center of his campaign," Fight for $15 said, in a prepared statement. "However, in recent years, Walker and Republican state lawmakers have waged a string of attacks against Wisconsin's minimum wage and workers' unions. Over the past eight years, Walker has killed Wisconsin's century-old wage boards and busted the very unions that fight for working people, all while giving corporations major handouts. Because of the low wage economy Gov. Walker designed, working families are forced to work multiple jobs just to afford the basic cost of living. Two-thirds of all jobs in Wisconsin and three-fourths of new jobs pay less than $20. Today, 44 percent of Wisconsin jobs pay less than $15 an hour.

"Fast food, hospital workers and others in the Fight for $15 plan to defeat Gov. Walker in November's election and vow to elect a governor who's for the people. SEIU members and working people in the Fight for $15 movement in Wisconsin plan to engage voters who have been left out of the political process."

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