Where’s the smoke: legalize marijuana efforts in 2013

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The Marijuana Policy Project has released its strategy and goals for the year, with pushes for legalization in multiple states.

Vermont. Democratic Gov. Pete Shumlin supports decriminalizing marijuana. MPP says the Vermont Legislature is poised to pass the bill he wants, and marijuana could be decriminalized by this summer.

New Hampshire. Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan supports legalizing medical marijuana and MPP is optimistic that legislation similar to bills that former Gov. John Lynch vetoed will pass this year.

Rhode Island. The state has legalized medical marijuana and decriminalized possession of marijuana. Next, MPP wants to pass legislation that would allow the tax-and-regulate sale of marijuana. “There is now considerable momentum,” the MPP strategy announcement said.

California, Maine and Oregon. MPP wants to pass tax-and-regulate bills in each of the state. But if lawmakers reject the drives, MPP will sure statewide ballot initiatives in November 2016. Such campaigns were successful in Washington and Colorado last year.