Tea party leaders announce new federation

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Several “tea party” leaders announced plans to form a national federation to promote the movement’s conservative message and to counter the idea that the tea parties are politically unsophisticated and disorganized.

Tea party leaders from Memphis, Tennessee, Richmond, Virginia, and Orlando, Fla., along with representatives of several other groups announced the new National Tea Party Federation during a rally outside the Minnesota Capitol. They said 21 tea party groups around the nation had joined the federation.

Memphis Tea Party founder Mark Skoda said the federation intends to convey a unified message about the party’s brand of conservatism.

The organizers said that the federation also intends to communications among them, along with affiliate groups, including the Family Research Council, works primarily to oppose abortion rights and gay marriage. Skoda said the tea party movement would not make those issues part if its core mission but could still find points of common ground with conservative social-issue groups.

from WiG and AP reports

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