Poll: Ronald McDonald defeats the Burger King in presidential race

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Ronald McDonald defeats the Burger King in a hypothetical presidential contest.

In a hypothetical presidential race, Ronald McDonald would beat out the Burger King, according to a survey of voters conducted by Public Policy Polling.

PPP conducted multiple polls over the weekend, including a survey of Wisconsin voters that found a drop in Gov. Scott Walker's approval rating, but also a survey of U.S. voters on food and beverage choices.

A look at the findings:

• Democrats are the party of bagels – 34 percent – and croissants – 32 percent – while Republicans prefer to eat doughnuts – 35 percent.

• Democrats like KFC better than Chick-Fil-A while Republicans take Chick-Fil-A over KFC by a 48/29 spread.

• Democrats are cool with vegans but GOP voters have a negative opinion of them.

• Democrats prefer regular soda while Republicans prefer diet soft drinks.

• Republicans narrowly believe that Olive Garden constitutes ‘a quality source of authentic ethnic food,’ Democrats think it does not.

• 52 percent of Americans say that dinner is their favorite meal of the day. Democrats and Republicans both strongly back dinner.

• Coke beats out Pepsi in the soft drink wars, drawing support from both Republicans (47/33) and Democrats (44/37).

• 54 percent of voters say they’d be willing to pay more for their restaurant meals to help employees have health insurance. Democrats are more willing to pay more for that purpose, but Republicans by a narrow margin (41/38) as well.

• Voters narrowly prefer pancakes over French toast, with waffles finishing third.