Clinton vs. Rubio in 2016? Clinton wins (today)

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Hillary Rodham Clinton. - PHOTO: State Department

The latest statistics from Public Policy Polling show Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton and Republican Marco Rubio leading their parties in hypothetical races for the presidential nomination in 2016.

Both are polling in the lead at the national level.

In a matchup for a general election, Clinton beats Rubio by eight points.

PPP’s survey for the third month in a row shows Rubio with 22 percent of the GOP vote, 15 percent for Paul Ryan, 13 percent for Jeb Bush, 13 percent for Chris Christie, 11 percent for Mike Huckabee, 10 percent for Rand Paul, 4 percent for Bobby Jindal, 3 percent for Rick Perry and 1 percent for Susana Martinez.

Among “very conservative” voters in the party, Rubio is at 28 percent, Huckabee at 15 percent and Ryan at 14 percent.

In Iowa, Rubio is tied for the lead with Huckabee at 16 percent. They are followed by Paul at 15 percent, Bush at 14 percent, Christie at 12 percent, Ryan at 10 percent, Martinez at 4 percent, Jindal and Perry at 3 percent.

Among conservatives in the state, which traditionally holds the earliest caucus contest, Rubio is the favorite.

Among Democrats, Clinton polls high at the national level and in Iowa.

Nationally she's at 58 percent, followed by Joe Biden at 19 percent, Elizabeth Warren at 8 percent and Andrew Cuomo at 3 percent.

In Iowa, Clinton is the favorite with 68 percent, followed by Biden at 21 percent. Her favorability among Democrats is at 90 percent.

In general election match ups, Clinton defeats all the Republican possibilities at this date.

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