Shorewood School District adopts transgender-supportive policy

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The Shorewood School District has become the first in Milwaukee County to adopt a policy recognizing and protecting transgender students.

Shorewood, which lies just north of Milwaukee between the lakefront on the east and the Milwaukee River on the west, is the sixth district in the state to adopt a transgender police. U.S. News & World Report ranks Shorewood High School first in the state.

According to the new policy, complaints of discrimination and bullying against transgender students will be handled in a manner consistent with other complaints. Teachers and staff will address students by their chosen names and use pronouns that reflect their identified gender.

According to Shorewood Now, school principal Tim Kenney organized the effort to create an official transgender policy that will include all four of the district’s schools.

Under the policy, a parent is required to submit a letter to school authorities stating that their child identifies as transgender. In response, the school district will allow students to participate in gym classes and intramural sports appropriate for their gender. Students must comply with the dress codes of their self-identified gender.

The policy will allow transgender students to use locker rooms of the gender they identify with. They can use a unisex bathroom or the bathroom of their self-identified gender.

The policy’s goal is to recognize and protect transgender students by providing appropriate facilities as well as a tool for teachers a tool to enforce their protection.

"I think Shorewood prides itself on being forward and progressive," school board member Paru Shah told Shorewood Now, adding that “every student in our schools should be in a safe learning environment.”