Indiana senator pulls flawed anti-discrimination bill

Written by The AP Wednesday, 03 February 2016 11:42

The sponsor of the Indiana Senate's bill to extend anti-discrimination protections to lesbian, gay and bisexual people is pulling the proposal from consideration, dealing a serious blow to efforts to pass legislation this year.

Republican Sen. Travis Holdman said this week he was disappointed but realized there wasn't enough support for the bill to win approval.

Minnesota mayor backed by labor crosses picket line for lunch

Written by The AP Thursday, 15 October 2015 17:02

The mayor of Duluth, Minnesota, faces a lifetime ban from a union hall after the union says he crossed a picket line to eat lunch at a restaurant.

Two-term Democrat Don Ness is backed by labor. But President Dan O'Neill of the Duluth AFL-CIO Central Labor Body said Ness crossed a picket line to enter the Radisson Hotel Duluth.

Jesse Jackson leads Chicago rally to protest decision in Dontre Hamilton shooting

Written by Sara Burnett,
AP writer
Sunday, 28 December 2014 19:46

Jesse Jackson

During a Dec. 27 rally in Chicago, the Rev. Jesse Jackson told relatives and supporters of Dontre Hamilton that he’ll continue to draw attention to the case and what he and other critics say is a pattern of injustice.

Illinois rep marries partner in iowa

Saturday, 10 September 2011 07:06
IIllinois state Rep. Deborah Mell

IIllinois state Rep. Deborah Mell – Photo: Courtesy

Illinois state Rep. Deborah Mell, D-Chicago, quietly made Illinois history last week.

Enbridge Energy tangles with Minnesota regulators over pipeline

Written by The Associated Press Wednesday, 03 February 2016 08:43

Enbridge Energy and its backers accused Minnesota regulators of imposing unreasonable and unlawful procedures that they say will delay construction of a $2.6 billion pipeline to carry North Dakota crude oil across northern Minnesota. 

Most Chicago DUI checkpoints in minority areas

Written by The Associated Press Sunday, 10 May 2015 16:35

The Chicago Police Department has set up far more roadside sobriety checkpoints in minority communities in recent years than it has in predominantly white communities, a Chicago Tribune investigation has found.

Indiana school denies gay-straight club, ACLU sues

Written by The Wisconsin Gazette Tuesday, 23 December 2014 12:10

The American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU of Indiana filed a lawsuit on Dec. 23 on behalf of three students at Indiana's North Putnam High School who have been denied the right to form a Gay-Straight Alliance club during non-instructional time at school.

The ACLU says the school’s denial violates U.S. law and the U.S. Constitution.

Michigan activists push for statewide referendum to stop wolf hunts

Written by Associated Press Sunday, 03 February 2013 09:08

Animal welfare activists have protested in vain the past couple of years as the federal government dropped the gray wolf from its endangered species list and legislatures in five states, including Wisconsin, now allow hunters to shoot the animals. In Michigan, they’re trying a new tactic: taking their case directly to the voters.

Lawmakers and Gov. Rick Snyder approved a bill in December that designated the wolf as a game animal – a first step toward allowing hunts. The Natural Resources Commission, a panel appointed by the governor that regulates hunting, fishing and trapping, has the final say. The commission could schedule a hunt as early as this fall in the rural, woodsy Upper Peninsula, where the wolf population is estimated at around 700.

High-speed rail plans meet opposition in southeast Minnesota

Written by The AP Wednesday, 30 December 2015 10:37

Opposition is growing in rural southeastern Minnesota to proposals for a high-speed rail line connecting Minneapolis and Rochester.

Rochester civic leaders see high-speed rail as a way to draw thousands of new workers to the Mayo Clinic and other big employers in their region.

Lesbian parents: Pediatrician refused to treat infant daughter

Written by The AP Friday, 20 February 2015 09:22

Two Detroit-area women say they were humiliated when a pediatrician they selected to help care for their infant daughter declined to see the child because they are lesbians.

The Detroit Free Press reports Jami and Krista Contreras of Oak Park, Michigan, selected their daughter's pediatrician before birth, but they learned the decision as they waited in October for the child's first checkup. They say the doctor apologized in a handwritten letter.

Satanic Temple puts up display at Michigan Capitol

Written by Wisconsin Gazette
and AP reports
Tuesday, 23 December 2014 11:37

Christians and Satanists put up competing displays over the weekend on the Michigan Capitol grounds as Christmas week got underway in Lansing.

The Detroit chapter of the Satanic Temple set up its “Snaketivity Scene” featuring a snake offering a book called “Revolt of the Angels” as a gift. The snake is wrapped around the Satanic cross on the 3-feet-by-3-feet display. Capitol rules require that displays have to be taken down each night.