Pride path: Northampton to install rainbow crosswalk

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An activist in Northampton, Mass., wants a crosswalk in rainbow stripes

A Northampton, Mass., activist is pushing for a symbolic show of support for the LGBT community.

The Daily Hampshire Gazette reports that Melinda Shaw has won approval from the Northampton Board of Public Works to paint a heavily used downtown crosswalk with the colors of a rainbow, the symbol of the LGBT Pride.

The board also agreed to donate the labor.

Shaw is trying to raise $1,700 to buy the materials and other costs.

The crosswalk would be highlighted by stripes in bright, solid colors similar to the rainbow flag of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Shaw says that if all goes as planned, the crosswalk will be painted in time for the Pride march scheduled for May 3.

The crosswalk is on the city's traditional parade route.