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It amazes me the infighting that goes on in the LGBT communities. As a transgender I know the pain, suffering, isolation and inhuman cruelty we face. Some of us face imprisonment, forced military service, slander campaigns, exodus crusades and catty people.

We try desperately to please those who hate us. We spend our money, donate our time and pay with our lives.

When asked what transgender people want, one prominent transgender activist said, “We want the right to live. We want love, relationships, education, healthcare, a good job and a future for our children. In short we are fighting for our very lives.”

How do we win this battle? We vote with our wallet, that’s how. Right now many corporations are standing with us in the fight for equality. When you purchase a car, go to the bank, or spend money on any item, you vote for freedom.

Let’s send a message for freedom and help fix the American economy. Go to the 2010 HRC buying guide at

Jerry Hull