• Gay conductor marches UW band forward

    This month Dr. Justin Stolarik will conduct what may be the best-known musical group in the state. When he does, he’ll be wearing a white tuxedo with red sequins on his vest, tie and sneakers. “What I’m wearing is definitely, stereotypically gay,...
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  • The boys behind the door
    Gays have helped make Door County a top destination

    It’s a familiar scenario in Door County: Visitors are so smitten with the peninsula’s scenic beauty and postcard-quaint villages that they impulsively move here to open the bed-and-breakfast, restaurant or gift shop they’ve always dreamed of owning....
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  • Gay UNC student 'branded' in vicious hate attack

    A gay student at the University of North Carolina was severely burned last week in a hate-motivated attack, according to campus officials. reported that Quinn Matney was approached last week on the Chapel Hill campus by a man who called him a de...
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  • Former skinhead shares his life after hate

    “I hurt many innocent people,” former racist skinhead Arno Michaels states plainly, painfully. “Not only with my hands, but by infecting others with hate and setting them off. My ‘hate metal’ band Centurion sold over 20,000 CDs of brutal musi...
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  • Out on the street
    A quarter of Milwaukee’s homeless youth are LGBT

    As a student at Nicolet High School, Kevin never fit in. An African-American who likes to wear a little make-up, he endured constant teasing and bullying. Eventually he transferred to The Alliance School, which helps students who are not succeeding in t...
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  • Scandal rocks Chicago’s Howard Brown

    While rumors swirl and community leaders demand an explanation, the board of Chicago’s Howard Brown Health Center continues to stonewall questions about the abrupt departure of its CEO and chief financial officer. The board confirmed April 9 that CE...
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  • Michele Bachmann says China should be U.S. model for social programs

    Apparently unaware that China is a socialist dictatorship, Michele Bachmann advised American leaders to use the county as a model for social programs in the United States. Bachmanns bizarre statement came during last night’s presidential debate, which ...
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  • Mad about Madison

    Where is the gay neighborhood in Madison? It’s a question that Keller Williams real estate agent Devery Cash is used to hearing — and one that he’s grown used to answering. “It just doesn’t exist,” Cash says. “There is one neighborhood ou...
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  • Drink pink
    Rosé wines making a comeback

    With apologies to the Bard of Avon, a rosé by any other name would indeed taste as sweet. But it also might be crisp, with a hint of acidity – or dry, leaving the palate cleansed and refreshed. Shakespeare, of course, was talking about the flower in h...
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  • Daniel Craig is not James Bond – for one thing, Craig is getting older

    The blockbuster hit “Skyfall” is actor Daniel Craig’s third – and critics say his best – turn as Agent 007. Just two weeks into its release, the latest installment in the James Bond franchise had already amassed nearly $700 million in box office...
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  • Separated male penguin couple to reunite

    Buddy and Pedro, a “gay” penguin couple at the Toronto Zoo that are being separated so they can mate with female penguins, will be reunited in the spring, zoo officials said. The African penguins have shared the nest they built since coming to the zo...
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  • PBS' ‘Endgame’ puts AIDS in black America under the lens

    Half of all Americans infected with HIV each day are black, as are half of the nation’s one million people living with the virus. In “Endgame: AIDS in Black America,” award-winning documentary filmmaker Renata Simone focuses her camera on this often...
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  • Dahmer case changed police relations

    On July 22, 1991, a terrified man wearing a handcuff waved down a Milwaukee police car and led two officers to the Oxford Apartments, 924 N. 25th St. Tracy Edwards said a “weird dude” in Apt. 213 had drugged him and tried to force him with a butcher ...
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  • ‘La Donna’ lives up to the hype

    La Donna Velata. To utter her name is to unleash a whispered intimacy. If you haven’t heard, this woman has arrived in our city as a celebrity, an heiress, a most important persona. She is a painting created by Raphael in 1516. The Milwaukee Art M...
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  • Compassionate cannabis
    Medical marijuana bill reintroduced for 2012

    Erin Silbaugh went home to Lodi after multiple tours in Iraq, but he couldn't find peace. Silbaugh, a 28-year-old Marine Corps veteran, returned suffering from post-traumatic stress, a sometimes debilitating anxiety disorder affecting as many as 20 perce...
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  • Scott Walker’s dismal fiscal record

    WiG reported on June 17 that Republican candidate for governor Scott Walker would oppose the state’s domestic partner registry as well as benefits for same-sex partners of state workers. In fact, last year Walker vetoed an effort to extend benefits t...
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  • Lesbian mom seeks daughter’s return

    A mother snared in an inter-state custody dispute is appealing to the public for help in locating her daughter. “I am so worried about Isabella. I do not know where she is or whether she is OK,” said Janet Jenkins. In November, Jenkins secured a f...
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  • Lady Gaga to star in prime time TV Thanksgiving special

    Lady Gaga is set to star in a 90-minute Thanksgiving TV special in prime time, reports Airing on ABC the evening of Nov. 24, “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving,” directed by Our Lady of Gaga herself, features the LGBT ally performing eight musical n...
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  • Extremism hits new heights with Kleefisch

    On Sept. 14, Republican primary voters chose what may be the most extreme ticket for governor and lieutenant governor in recent Wisconsin history. We already know that the gubernatorial nominee, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, will say and do...
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  • Ron Johnson’s definition of freedom

    Ron Johnson, the Republican who hopes to take Russ Feingold’s U.S. Senate seat, is willing to spend a good portion of his personal fortune on political ads. But he does not appear to be very concerned about the details of actual public policy. It se...
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