• ‘Bullied’ documents landmark Wisconsin bullying case

    Jamie Nabozny’s teenage years were hell: He was called nasty names, was beaten so badly he wound up in the hospital, ran away from home and even tried to kill himself. All because he was gay. When officials at his Ashland, Wis., middle school and hi...
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  • Queen for a night
    Gary Mullen channels Freddie Mercury in tribute show

    It started out pretty simply, him singing karaoke at his local watering hole – The Horseshoe Bar in Glasgow, Scotland. As the night wore on, and the drinks kept coming, the inhibitions faded. Eventually it was time to let ’er rip, singing songs by h...
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  • Lesbian couple called heroes in Norway shooting

    A married lesbian couple is credited with saving 40 young people from the right-wing shooter who gunned down 76 in twin attacks in Norway on July 23. Hege Dalen and her spouse Toril Hansen were having dinner on the shore opposite a youth campsite on Utoy...
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  • Boys will be girlz at Brady Street Festival

    When Randy Thompson takes the stage at Milwaukee’s Brady Street Festival on July 30, many in the audience won’t realize they’re watching a movie star. “I went to L.A. for a role in the movie ‘Familee’ with Alan Cummings last month,” says Th...
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  • Planned Parenthood offers free HIV testing

    Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin is providing free chlamydia and rapid HIV testing throughout Wisconsin every Monday in April. For a list of locations, go to In addition, Planned Parenthood invites the LGBT community to join its monthly “S...
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  • In solidarity
    Gay workers join anti-Walker protests

    The chant went up from the thousands gathered at the Capitol in Madison: “We are one. We are one.” The same chant went up from those standing in solidarity with the Wisconsin workers at rallies around the United States this week. ...
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  • Leaping lesbians!

    Katie Todd and Shelley Miller The busy queer music scene in Chicago is exemplified by Katie Todd and Shelley Miller. Both women can regularly be found performing live throughout the city. The gorgeous title track on “Mumbled Speech” (Level It), ...
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  • Potentially devastating

    The U.S. Supreme Court dealt a potentially devastating blow to democracy with its ruling to roll back restrictions on corporate spending in federal campaigns. The 5-4 decision, with conservative justices forming the majority, could unleash a torrent of co...
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  • The right’s ‘darling’ follows Koch’s orders

    No one is expected to benefit from the money of billionaire David Koch and his stealth political organizations more than state Sen. Alberta Darling. One of Koch’s key connections to the Wisconsin Legislature, Darling is fighting challenger Sandy Pasch t...
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  • Activist bishop to head Milwaukee diocese

    An activist against child abuse reform legislation, same-sex marriage, reproductive freedom. MILWAUKEE — The Vatican has named Bishop Jerome Listecki, an activist against child-abuse reform legislation, same-sex marriage, reproductive freedom and stem-...
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  • ‘Purgatorio’ is an epic struggle for forgiveness

    What happens when the tormenter becomes the tormented? Is it possible to forgive someone who has brought about immeasurable pain and suffering? And can salvation truly be achieved by forgiving – and being forgiven? These are but some of the questions...
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  • Mortgage 101
    New game, new rules for buying a new home

    It’s the classic catch-22. Real estate prices are at historic lows, making it the perfect time to buy. But most people can’t buy without getting a mortgage, and today, that’s no easy feat. The lending landscape has changed so profoundly that it s...
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  • Dolly Parton apologizes for lesbian incident at her park

    Gay-rights ally Dolly Parton has issued an apology to the lesbian couple who said they were discriminated against at her amusement park in Tennessee. Olivier Odom and Jennifer Tipton were visiting the park with a friend’s children in late July when an ...
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  • West Bend school sued for refusing Gay-Straight Alliance

    After years of being denied official status as a club, the West Bend High School Gay-Straight Alliance filed suit in Milwaukee federal court on May 12, charging school officials with illegal discrimination. The suit came just three days after the GSA...
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  • ‘Peter Pan’ takes flight at ballet

    The easiest way to get to Neverland is to follow the second star to the right and then head straight on till morning. But you need to be flying in order to get there. Marc Petrocci does all that and more as star of the Milwaukee Ballet’s upcoming wor...
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  • Hamburger Mary's coming to Milwaukee's Bay View neighborhood

    Hamburger Mary’s, where large gourmet burgers are served with a side of campy fun, is headed to Milwaukee. The company announced May 5 that it’s opening a location in the city’s trendy Bay View neighborhood at 2130 S Kinnickinnic Ave., which was or...
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  • Leaders urge hate crime charge in Milwaukee slaying

    They remember her cheerfulness, her chattiness and her irrepressible sense of humor. But most of all, the friends and family of Dana (Chanel) Larkin remember her infectious smile and generous nature. “No matter how down you were, she was always ther...
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  • Confounding lesbian stereotypes

    A recent New York Times headline, citing new Census statistics, declared: “Parenting by Gays More Common in the South.” The article said that child rearing among same-sex couples is more common in the South than other regions. In addition, black an...
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  • ‘Elmer Gantry’ reveals the tension between religion and morality

    “When fascism comes to America,” novelist Sinclair Lewis is said to have proclaimed, “it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.” Lewis’ bitingly satirical 1927 novel “Elmer Gantry” aptly illustrates the tension between religion and...
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  • Beyond ‘Priscilla’
    an interview with filmmaker Stephan Elliott

    Stephan Elliott is a storyteller. On screen or over the phone, Elliott has a way of telling a story and making it fascinating. Having just mounted “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert,” the stage musical version of his Oscar-winning 1994 movie “The Ad...
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