No love for Woody Allen's 'Rome'

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Lazy and only occasionally vaguely funny, “To Rome With Love” relies too much on improvisation, completely wasting a talented cast that includes Alec Baldwin, Judy Davis, Jesse Eisenberg and Ellen Page. Once the master of the overlapping storylines,Woody Allen, who looks more ill at ease on screen than ever, has completely lost control here. Rome gets a fraction of the love he showered on Paris. The sightseeing scenes feel too familiar, forced and self-consciously self-referential.

Worse, for a country so famous for its cuisine, Allen pays very little attention to food. A joke about tapenade ends with a formaldehyde punchline. Everything gets the short shrift here but opera (yawn). Let’s hope that Allen, currently in his late 70s, has many more years and better movies ahead of him.

It would be a shame, after all, if the unlovable “To Rome With Love” were to be his last.

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