WiG's progressive, alternative guide to Summerfest

Written by Maddy Hughes, Bill Lamb
and Matthew Reddin,
contributing writers
Tuesday, 16 June 2015 16:19

Summerfest is the world's largest music festival, bringing in more than 800 acts from across the globe. So how do you figure out what to see? This year, we're offering our help, with a guide to the artists big and small who we recommend you check out at this year's event, running June 24 to July 5.

In the garden: Show explores Frida Kahlo's work from new angle

Associated Press writer
Thursday, 11 June 2015 11:52

In a sprawling, multi-disciplinary show, The New York Botanical Garden focuses on a long-overlooked side of artist Frida Kahlo: her deep connection to Mexico’s plants and flowers, and how they inspired her art.

Strange brews bring unique flavors to the beer world

Written by Michael Muckian,
Contributing writer
Sunday, 07 June 2015 22:52

Rogue’s new Sriracha Hot Stout Beer.
— Photo: Rogue Brewing

Craft brewers apparently come equipped with vivid imaginations, creating a vast variety of uniquely flavored, exciting beers. In that regard, they may have created a whole new industry, or at least breathed new life and fresh ideas into a world awash in yellow factory suds.

Choir helps dementia patients form musical bonds

Written by Jay Rath,
Contributing writer
Friday, 05 June 2015 23:04

Organizers say the Amazing Grace Choir helps its members connect with family and form new memories despite the onset of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.
— Photo: Courtesy

Milwaukee’s Amazing Grace Choir is special, and not just for its talent. The ensemble is made up of people who suffer from early Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, as well as their caregivers.

Chris Pratt: from 'monkeyboy' to hunky action hero

Written by Piers Manning,
The Interview Feed
Friday, 12 June 2015 14:38

Chris Pratt in 'Jurassic World,' now in theaters

Google his name and two search items appear: “workout” and “before and after." It’s an arguable breakdown of Chris Pratt’s career.

Melissa Rivers is funny and affectionate in ‘Book of Joan’

AP Television Writer
Thursday, 11 June 2015 11:33

Melissa Rivers wanted to laugh — and she wants her readers to do the same.

Consider it mission accomplished on both counts, thanks to her best-selling memoir, “The Book of Joan: Tales of Mirth, Mischief and Manipulation” (Crown Archetype). It’s a touching, revealing and above all funny paean to her mother, Joan Rivers, who died last September at 81 after complications from minor throat surgery.

All In Productions hopes to inspire inclusive theater

Written by Maddy Hughes,
Contributing writer
Saturday, 06 June 2015 12:56

All In Productions is the newest theater company in Milwaukee, and they’ve already made a splash in their first season with productions of The Last Five Years and The Shape of Things. In their next production, Little Shop of Horrors, founders Mara McGhee, Robby McGhee and Alex Scheurell again will find an opportunity to pursue the company mission their name suggests: to produce plays with inclusiveness, respect and kindness. 

Scientists chart evolution of pop music

Written by Lisa Neff,
Staff writer
Friday, 05 June 2015 20:10

New research from a team of biologists and computer scientists finds that diversity is a driving force in music development.

'Jurassic World' bites into modern blockbuster

Written by JAKE COYLE,
Thursday, 11 June 2015 18:05

Along the scaly spine of the Tyrannosaurus Rex runs the evolution of Hollywood blockbustering.

Twenty-two years ago, Steven Spielberg's "Jurassic Park" set the standard for the kind of movie the industry has, ever since, bred like test-tube dinos. Their genes are genetically modified for the requisite computer-generated effects, merchandising tie-ins and theme park-style attractions.

Jon Stewart talks about moving on from ‘The Daily Show’

Written by Piers Manning,
The Interview Feed
Tuesday, 09 June 2015 08:51

Aug. 6 will be a dark day for many. Jon Stewart, the irreverent host of The Daily Show, the satirical news program that a proportionately large audience considers more newsworthy than the actual news, will finally step down as the show’s host after 16 years.

RedLine examines the life of artist Paul Mandracchia

Written by Kat Minerath,
Contributing writer
Saturday, 06 June 2015 10:07

“Because I’ve talked to so many parents since I’ve been putting this together, I’m asking the question, ‘Do you keep your kid’s work?’ That is incredibly important because you don’t know when people are going to find their artistic expression,” explains Gary Hollander. 

Spice up your grilling season with stuffed avocados

Written by J.M. Hirsch,
AP Food Editor
Friday, 05 June 2015 17:54

There’s no real shocker here — avocado pairs delightfully with a rich and meaty chili.

But I decided to pair them in a fresh way that is just right for summer grilling season.