Secrets seen: John Wilde’s private collection at MOWA

Written by Kat Minerath,
Contributing writer
Thursday, 13 August 2015 09:27

John Wilde’s “Eventide at the Duchess’s” is considered by MOWA director Laurie Winters to be the last great painting of Wilde’s career, and is a highlight of Wilde’s Wildes.
—Photo: Museum of Wisconsin Art

The night is coming on in “Eventide at the Duchess’s.” The sky glows orange with an apocalyptic burn, familiar in the paintings of artist John Wilde (1919–2006). The sunset bathes a wild bunch of cavorting bodies. Some couples embrace and others face off, while in other vignettes single figures dot the improbable landscape. A woman lounges on a gigantic leaf as another balances on a beach ball floating in water, or on a head sticking up from the ground. In the distance, with striking nonchalance, is the painter who busies himself working at his easel. 

The Sets List:
Michael Jackson tribute, Al Jarreau, Dusty Medical anniversary and more

Written by Matthew Reddin,
Staff writer
Thursday, 13 August 2015 09:07

You can always count on a Majestic ‘80s vs. ‘90s party being a blast, but when it’s a Michael Jackson-themed anniversary bash? It’ll be thrilling, dangerous and “bad” — in the best way. DJs Nick Nice and BROOK will square off with a combination of Jackson’s discography and those of his contemporaries, as well as hosting a moonwalk competition and happy birthday singalong at midnight. Single white glove optional.

Lady Gaga begins shooting 'American Horror Story: Hotel' on Aug. 10

Written by Alicia Rancilio,
AP writer
Sunday, 09 August 2015 06:36

-PHOTO: Lady Gaga/Facebook

Lady Gaga is going from pop star to the hospitality industry — she’ll be playing a hotel owner in American Horror Story: Hotel.

Traveling the Lake Michigan beer trail

Written by Michael Muckian,
Contributing writer
Thursday, 30 July 2015 10:53

Sheboygan’s 3 Sheeps Brewing company is run by Grant Pauly, a third-generation brewer who cultivates some truly unique beers.
— PHOTO: Courtesy

There was a time in the early 20th century when just about every little Wisconsin town could be counted on for two things: a church and a bar. But now, the rapid rise of craft brewing means that in many towns, the third constant is a brewery.

Madison art examines war, climate change and teapots

Written by Michael Muckian,
Contributing writer
Thursday, 13 August 2015 09:23

The Flowers are Burning features a series of incandescent watercolors to imply fields of wildflowers ablaze in a world whose climate is rapidly changing.
— Photo: Courtesy

Art often reflects the most deeply held feelings and beliefs in the minds and hearts of artists — and, by extension, the audiences who view the work. Several new exhibits at Madison-area galleries speak to a variety of emotions, with many works even cathartic for their creators.

New music
Dr. Dre, Luke Bryan, Ivy Levan, Grace Potter

Written by Bill Lamb,
Contributing writer
Thursday, 13 August 2015 09:02

Just as hip-hop legend Dr. Dre announced that Detox — the legendary album he’s been working on for more than 15 years — had finally been scrapped, he released a whole new project: Compton, named for the LA neighborhood he calls home. He’s also promised it will be his last. The new release coincides with the upcoming biopic Straight Outta Compton, which tells the story of Dre’s legendary hip-hop group N.W.A. The biggest question about Compton is whether Dre still has the goods after so many years. The answer is yes. Compton isn’t groundbreaking in the manner of Dre’s solo debut The Chronic but it’s well worth hearing — and, with frequent appearances by fellow Compton artist Kendrick Lamar, it feels like a passing of the torch too.

Kermit and Miss Piggy split, but team up on new ABC comedy

Written by Alicia Rancilio,
Associated Press
Thursday, 06 August 2015 10:41

Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy, who have been on-again, off-again for years, have now called it quits. But they're vowing to remain professional on their new prime-time comedy, The Muppets, premiering Sept. 22 on ABC.

Meryl Streep rocks harder than ever in ‘Ricki and the Flash’

Written by Jan Janssen,
The Interview Feed
Thursday, 30 July 2015 10:21

Ricki and the Flash opens in wide release on Aug. 7.

She’s become a Hollywood legend for playing great women, mastering accents and generally making her mark as the greatest actress on Earth. But now it seems that Meryl Streep is enjoying a second life as a musical performer. 

Defying Hollywood conventions in ‘The Diary of a Teenage Girl’

Written by Lindsay Bahr,
AP film writer
Thursday, 13 August 2015 09:19

Director Marielle Heller’s debut The Diary of a Teenage Girl depicts a ‘70s San Francisco teen exploring her sexuality — from her point of view.
—Photo: Sony Pictures Classic

When you make a film where a 15-year-old girl sleeps with her mother’s 35-year-old boyfriend, a few things are certain: You’re going to make some people uncomfortable and you’re going to get feedback. A lot of it.

Sprecher celebrates 30 years of beers, root and otherwise

Written by Matthew Reddin,
Staff writer
Thursday, 13 August 2015 08:57

Sprecher Brewing Company is best known for its wide variety of sodas, but founder Randy Sprecher says the company’s alcoholic brews are growing increasingly popular.
—Photo: Sprecher Brewing Company

Say “Sprecher,” and you think “root beer.” In its 30-year history, it’s for that tasty soda that the Wisconsin brewery has become best known. Yet as it approaches this milestone, founder Randy Sprecher says his company’s growing bigger than ever — and it won’t be all about the root beer for long. 

Roland Emmerich returns to 'Independence Day' franchise

Written by Phil Thompson,
The Interview Feed
Thursday, 06 August 2015 08:08

Independence Day took the world by storm as efficiently as the alien invaders it depicted. Twenty years later, director Roland Emmerich will return to the world he nearly destroyed, for Independence Day: Resurgence, the long-delayed sequel.

Matt Kemple’s 10 reasons to see the 10th annual Milwaukee Comedy Festival

Written by Matthew Reddin,
Staff writer
Thursday, 30 July 2015 09:42

Brian Posehn, known for playing Brian Spukowski on The Sarah Silverman Show, will close the Milwaukee Comedy Festival on Aug. 9th.
—PHOTO: David S. Shields

Ten years ago, no one would have thought of Milwaukee as a comedy hub. One of the reasons that’s slowly changing is the Milwaukee Comedy Festival.