New music: Rihanna, Sia, St. Lucia, Wet

Written by Bill Lamb,
Contributing writer
Saturday, 13 February 2016 12:50

There is good news and bad news on Rihanna’s delayed eighth studio album.

Philip Feeney paints a musical portrait for Milwaukee Ballet’s ‘Dorian Gray’

Written by Michael Muckian,
Contributing writer
Thursday, 11 February 2016 10:42

Milwaukee Ballet fans have enjoyed the music of Philip Feeney since frequent collaborator Michael Pink became the ballet’s artistic director in 2002. From Peter Pan and Dracula to Esmeralda and Mirror, Mirror, the English composer’s musical stamp and unique complexities have underscored Pink’s original ballets. 

Haggerty presents images of women in new exhibits

Written by Kat Minerath,
Contributing writer
Thursday, 11 February 2016 10:27

Hendrik Goltzius’ “The Repentant Magdalen,” part of the Haggerty’s Page Turners exhibition.
—Photo: Haggerty Museum of Art

On any afternoon, you can wander into a bookshop or cafe and watch people as they read. Maybe they’re scanning the financial section with a furrowed brow, or a gossip column with a smirk. A book picked up at a secondhand store may send their eyes to far away places or they may glow with the reflected pinpoint dots of a digital screen. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, can they tell us what others feel when they read. 

Clever comedy 'The Flick' reveals millennial angst at Forward Theater

Written by Anne Siegel,
contributing writer
Wednesday, 10 February 2016 13:47

Three underpaid movie theater employees take theatergoers on a journey through their warped lives in Annie Baker’s Pulitzer Prize-winning The Flick, presented by Madison’s Forward Theater through Feb. 14.

The Sets List: Lizzo, 2Cellos, Dropkick Murphys, Beatallica, Cloud Cult ,

Written by Matthew Reddin,
Staff writer
Friday, 12 February 2016 12:53

If you think mainstream hip-hop lyrics are boring and stale, Lizzo should serve as a breath of fresh air. The Detroit-born sensation cites a variety of gospel, rap and R&B artists as formative influences, but her inventive wordplay and easy switching between rapping and singing make her an influence in her own right. She’s been a part of multiple groups throughout her life, but for this headline tour, Lizzo flies solo. DJ Sophia Eris and Cavanaugh open.

Kanopy ‘entwines’ with Martha Graham-taught choreographer Pascal Rioult

Written by Jay Rath,
Contributing writer
Thursday, 11 February 2016 10:36

Acclaimed choreographer Pascal Rioult is joining Madison’s Kanopy Dance for a Valentine’s concert of passion. Rioult: Hearts Entwined will feature three of his works and two of his dancers, in a program running Feb. 12 to Feb. 14. 

Bob Ludwig has won 10 Grammys in 10 years. You’ve probably never heard of him.

Written by Mesfin Fekadu,
AP writer
Thursday, 11 February 2016 10:23

Bob Ludwig is a prolific producer, mastering about 150 to 200 albums a year.
—PHOTO: Courtesy

His role is at the finish line of an album — helping it sound as perfect as possible before it’s available to the masses.

Lady Gaga to sing anthem at Super Bowl

Written by The AP Friday, 05 February 2016 11:29

Lady Gaga is set to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl on Feb. 7.

Tony-winning actress and "Let It Go" singer Idina Menzel sang the national anthem at last year's Super Bowl.

Actor Julian Sands reveals a Harold Pinter both tender and terrifying in his one-man ‘Celebration’

Written by Michael Muckian,
Contributing writer
Thursday, 11 February 2016 12:40

British dramatist, screenwriter, director and actor Harold Pinter was one of the foremost playwrights of the late 20th century. The Nobel Prize laureate was known for his “comedies of menace,” works characterized by their acerbic, almost brutal wit and thinly veiled and often direct political criticisms. 

But Pinter also was a tender poet, as well as an avid supporter of the English game of cricket, the language of which often found its way into his literary works. Actor Julian Sands has made it one of his missions to introduce audiences to this alternative side of Pinter’s creative genius.

Samantha Bee’s ‘Full Frontal’ ready to create a buzz

Written by Lynn Elber
AP television writer
Thursday, 11 February 2016 10:32

Samantha Bee.

After a day of dutifully answering reporters’ questions about her new TBS show, Full Frontal, Samantha Bee confesses to an urgent desire.

Proper diet can combat the winter blues

Written by Michael Muckian,
Contributing writer
Thursday, 11 February 2016 10:20

Another gloomy, snow-slippery winter’s day with the sun barely penetrating the cold, overcast skies. Time to settle in and chase away those winter blues with a heaping plate of comfort food and another glass of wine, right?

Before you self-medicate on an overabundance of all the wrong calories, check your diet. Unless you’re suffering from Seasonal Affective Depressive Disorder (SADD) or some other clinical diagnosis, your winter blues may be more a function of what you’re eating and drinking than where you’re living.

Run-DMC, Red Hot Chili Peppers to perform pre-Super Bowl show

Written by The AP Thursday, 04 February 2016 08:10

Run-DMC will open up for the Red Hot Chili Peppers at a pre-Super Bowl concert in San Francisco.

The famed rap group is expected to hit the stage at the sixth annual DirecTV Super Saturday Night concert party at Pier 70. The show is an invitation-only event co-hosted by Mark Cuban's AXS TV.