Mozilla CEO a victim of evolution

Thursday, 17 April 2014 15:59

Brendan Eich

After less than a month on the job, Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich resigned when an outcry erupted over his 2008 contribution of $1,000 to California’s anti-gay Proposition 8 campaign. The incident was a touchstone moment that divided equality supporters and prompted homophobes to claim that straight, white traditional marriage advocates are “the real bullying victims.”

If Republican lawmakers in Arizona and seven other states got their way, their states would have laws allowing Islamic owners of restaurants to refuse service to women who appear in public without a male relative or without covering their heads. Those Republican lawmakers say that it infringes on the religious freedom of business owners not to have a law spelling out their right to deny service to customers whose behavior is inconsistent with their own beliefs.

Roads keep lawmakers in cash

Friday, 24 January 2014 15:24

With the billions spent on road building in Wisconsin, why are our local roads in such poor condition? Part of the answer is that money allocated for repairs is actually being spent on unnecessary new construction projects.

Editorial: Sheriff Clarke’s indecent exposure

Wednesday, 27 November 2013 13:02

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is a hot mess. If he performed in female drag rather than country-western, he’d be known as the Miss Mess of Milwaukee politics.

Clarke’s public tirades have become another kind of drag. In recent months, he’s suggested that Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele suffers from penis envy and uses heroin. He’s urged Milwaukee County citizens to become armed vigilantes and help his deputies enforce the law.

Reform tax code

Tuesday, 15 April 2014 02:35

This issue of Wisconsin Gazette hits the streets as the nation prepares to mark one of its annual milestones: Federal income taxes must be filed by April 15.

Wisconsin’s solar industry eclipse

Friday, 21 February 2014 16:06

As we celebrate the return of the sun after an exceptionally cold winter, we mourn the state’s loss of leadership in the rapidly growing solar-energy industry.

Unfortunately, a number of professional athletes have made insulting remarks about gay people. Their hateful statements, uttered by high-profile, macho role models and amplified by the media, have reinforced negative perceptions and hostility toward gays. They’ve also made it more difficult for young people who are questioning their sexual orientation to talk about and process their feelings.

But Aaron Rodgers is not one of those athletes. To our knowledge, he’s never said anything publicly about LGBT civil rights, marriage equality or anything else related to sexual orientation. 

Happy WiG anniversary.

Just as we were preparing this fourth anniversary issue of Wisconsin Gazette for print, we learned that The Onion will cease publication in Milwaukee, Chicago and Providence, R.I., on Dec. 12. The satirical news weekly had already ended its print edition in Madison, where it began, so the news was not surprising.


Thanks to straight allies in the local media, Wisconsin’s LGBT population is gaining more widespread attention than ever. That speaks to the desirability of the gay market, which numerous studies have shown is loyal to marketers who reach out to them, and it’s welcome recognition of the vital role LGBT citizens play in our communities. WiG gives a shoutout to two of those media outlets.

No medals for Olympic Committee

Sunday, 09 February 2014 11:18

PUTIN CORRUPTION ON THE WORLD STAGE: Russian despot Vladimir Putin arrives at the welcome ceremony for Russia's Olympic team on Feb. 5 in Sochi, Russia. Bribes and kickbacks to Putin's cronies have made the games the most expensive — by far — in Olympic history.

When the International Olympic Committee chose Sochi to host the 2014 Winter Games, it inadvertently put a spotlight on one of the world’s most unapologetically corrupt, bigoted and despotic nations. If committee members thought the event would have a civilizing effect on Russia, they should have looked to the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin.

Trickle up economics in the fast food industry

Friday, 13 December 2013 12:05

How much must McD's make before employees earn fair wages?

Health care rollout is a national disgrace

Friday, 01 November 2013 13:26

In the initial weeks of full implementation, the Affordable Care Act was marred by computer glitches that left hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of consumers in the lurch. Healthcare.gov, the Web portal established for Americans to purchase health insurance through federal exchanges, is a travesty.