The Driftless Area: A great place for Wisconsin brews

Written by Michael Muckian,
Contributing writer
Thursday, 24 September 2015 12:48

Perhaps Wisconsin’s most famous microbrewery, New Glarus has been a fixture of the Driftless Area brewing community for 22 years.
—Photo:New Glarus

One of Wisconsin’s best-kept tourism secrets may be the Driftless Area, that relatively small southwest corner of the state that wasn’t scoured flat by glacial ice some 500,000 years ago. 

What's cooking: Waste-free kitchen handbook

Written by The Wisconsin Gazette Monday, 21 September 2015 07:32

U.S. consumers are collectively responsible for more wasted food than farmers, grocery stores or any other part of the food-supply chain—a problem that costs the average family an average of about $1,500 every year — but a new book out later this month seeks to help change that, one meal at a time.

The Waste-Free Kitchen Handbook — out Sept. 29 from Chronicle Books — will offer simple consumer tips and tools to saving money and food, from the grocery store to the kitchen.

Not Your Father's Root Beer keeps La Crosse brewery hoppin'

Written by Mike Tighe,
La Crosse Tribune
Friday, 28 August 2015 20:45

Workers at City Brewery in La Crosse are toasting the success of a root beer on steroids because it is ensuring their jobs during a season when lager production often lags.

Umami-enhanced pasta packs in flavor

Written by Melissa D’Arabian,
Associated Press writer
Thursday, 13 August 2015 10:00

If you’ve been out to eat at any trendy restaurant during the past five years or have watched any food competition show, you probably have heard of umami. Umami is the pleasant savory flavor resulting from the interaction of certain amino acids with receptors on the human tongue. (It’s a wonder we don’t get into this level of detail on TV, no?)

Pumpkin spice: The flavor of fall and a hint of the past

Written by Christine Armario,
Associated Press
Thursday, 24 September 2015 10:18

Once upon a time, pumpkin spice lived pretty much only in pies.

Spanish wine makes a comeback

Written by Michael Muckian,
Contributing writer
Thursday, 10 September 2015 08:13

Let’s start this column with a little wine history — perhaps a review for experienced oenophiles, but something new for those just now becoming friends of the grape.

Honey honey, how you thrill us

Written by Michael Muckian,
Contributing writer
Thursday, 27 August 2015 07:39

It’s succulent and sweet, dripping golden from the spoon. Its viscosity causes it to move in slow motion and its natural colors sparkle in the sun. It both brightens the palate and strengthens the body.

Give rieslings another chance for summer sipping

Written by Michael Muckian,
Contributing writer
Thursday, 13 August 2015 09:57

Many wine lovers who grew up in Wisconsin cut their teeth on German riesling. Its bright fruit flavor made it easy to appreciate, and just as easy to abandon as those wine lovers’ palates became more sophisticated.

Wine and tapas? Taco Bell to test new menu in Chicago

Written by The AP Wednesday, 16 September 2015 18:10

Taco Bell will open a new restaurant in Chicago next week.

Yo quiero a glass of wine and tapas?

Got fresh tomatoes? A recipe for Summer's End Tomato Tart

Written by SARA MOULTON,
Associated Press
Monday, 31 August 2015 08:11

If you’re like me, you believe that a fresh, ripe tomato is one of the best things about summer. And this tart is an ode to the tomato in season — and a lesson about how to make the most of it.

Let’s start with how to choose the best tomatoes. First, pick up your candidate, smell the stem and confirm that it smells strongly like a tomato. Next, figure out if it is juicy by hefting it. You want a heavy tomato; if it’s heavy, it’s juicy.

Central Wis. breweries have winning beers on tap

Written by Michael Muckian,
Contributing writer
Thursday, 27 August 2015 07:35

Many of O’So’s beers are more extreme offerings.
— Photo: O’so Brewing Co.

Beer is central to many Wisconsinites, but many of them don’t think of central Wisconsin as a hub for it. That’s a misconception worth changing. The heart of our state features a variety of breweries new and old, some highly acclaimed and others little known outside their communities. 

Sprecher celebrates 30 years of beers, root and otherwise

Written by Matthew Reddin,
Staff writer
Thursday, 13 August 2015 08:57

Sprecher Brewing Company is best known for its wide variety of sodas, but founder Randy Sprecher says the company’s alcoholic brews are growing increasingly popular.
—Photo: Sprecher Brewing Company

Say “Sprecher,” and you think “root beer.” In its 30-year history, it’s for that tasty soda that the Wisconsin brewery has become best known. Yet as it approaches this milestone, founder Randy Sprecher says his company’s growing bigger than ever — and it won’t be all about the root beer for long.