Wisconsin State Fair expands menu, offers 'fat Elvis on a stick'

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The menu is expanding for the Wisconsin State Fair, which starts Aug. 2 and continues through Aug. 12.

There are 57 new foods at this year's fair, including:

• A deep-fried, bacon-wrapped cheddar hot dog on a stick.

• A beer float involving beer and ice cream.

• A pork doughnut, which is a sugared doughnut stuffed with barbeque pork.

• Deep-fried, bacon-wrapped Tater Tots on-a-stick.

• Sweet potato fries with marshmallow dipping cream.

• A Chimi-Nutella, which is banana, Nutella, cinnamon, pecans and powdered sugar in a flour tortilla.

• A reuben brat, which is a brat dipped in rye batter and a steak and brat sub.

• A “fat Elvis on a stick,” which is a peanut butter cup in banana batter with bacon.

The fair is held at Wisconsin State Fair Park, 
640 S. 84th St., West Allis.

For more, go to www.wistatefair.com.