• There’s much more to Italian wine grapes than Chianti

    Many wine lovers lean heavily on the varietals they have come to know best —California Cabernet Sauvignon, Australian Shiraz, French Chardonnays and so on. But such habit may be keeping wine drinkers from discovering the grape varietals that form the core of Italian wines. It’s high time they learned a little bit about one of the world’s top wine-producing countries. Wine grapes grow in ev.... Read More
  • The Dish: South African wines offer a spark all their own

    At one time, some of the most exotic wines you could enjoy came from South Africa. They were exotic because they were unavailable here during the apartheid period, when trade sanctions kept the wine from the U.S. market. I had my first taste of South African wine during a trip to Ireland and I was captivated. The exotic spins on familiar flavors were a revelation. Thankfully, apartheid is gone a.... Read More
  • Green Gaze: Organic entrepreneur grows fresh food in Ripon

    By NATE BECK, Fond de Lac Reporter In a basement below Bluemke’s appliance shop in downtown Ripon, thousands of vegetables sprout every week, bound for the aisles of one of northeast Wisconsin’s biggest grocers. Since it was founded two years ago, Ernessi Organics has grown to supply its greens to 16 grocery stores, including 13 Festival Foods locations across Wisconsin, the Fond de Lac .... Read More
  • Red Light Ramen serves familiar favorite at new venue

    By Jake Ekdahl, Contributing writer Only a week after opening, Red Light Ramen seems already to have become a popular venue. I arrived just after the restaurant began serving for the night to find a group of customers waiting to be seated. Owner Justin Carlisle also owns Ardent, the restaurant next door at 1751 N. Farwell St., where he used to hold ramen nights on Fridays and Saturdays. The nig.... Read More
  • Florida farmers eyeing hops as next niche crop

    Florida farmers are eyeing a new niche crop that can tap into the country’s burgeoning beer-brewing business: hops. Hops are vining plants that produce pungent flowers or buds that for hundreds of years have been used by brewers as the building blocks of a beer’s flavor and aroma. The acids in hops produce bitterness, and the plants’ oils give beer a floral or citrusy aroma, depending on .... Read More
  • New brewpub suits Riverwest

    Black Husky Brewing is easy to spot at the corner of East Locust and North Bremen streets in Riverwest. Just look for the mural of a black-and-white husky howling at the moon. The new beer bar and tasting room is owned by Tim and Toni Eichinger, who named the space after their late husky Howler. A few years ago, Toni bought Tim a home brewing kit and he became obsessed with the art. Things devel.... Read More
  • Madison’s Field Table offers fresh approach

    It’s difficult to drop a fork in Madison without hitting someone anointing the latest and greatest new restaurant trend — hot spots critics say will define dining’s direction. Generally, those claims are more hyperbole than they are fact, but occasionally someplace special appears. Field Table, which opened quietly in April on Capitol Square, could someday be the exception that proves the r.... Read More
  • Coffee culture: Cuppings, glitzy grinders and ‘no cream’ please

    Get ready for the next wave of coffee culture. Consumers are learning more about coffee — how it’s grown, roasted and prepared. They’re attending tastings called cuppings and they’re being asked to drink fine coffee black to experience its true flavors. They’re also spending more for gourmet beans and fancy grinders. “Coffee in many ways is now being treated as a very fine ing.... Read More
  • Positive reviews for 1st pizza ATM

    Customers will soon be able to get pizza from an ATM at one Ohio University. Xavier University in Cincinnati has partnered with a French company to install the first Pizza ATM in North America. The company, Paline, says the machine will hold 70 pizzas at once. Customers will be able to use a touch screen to pick one of the $10 pizzas, which will be heated for several minutes, placed in a .... Read More
  • Foraging for food on holiday in England

    “This,” said our guide James Feaver, “is our main course.” We were standing in front of a dung heap in a high meadow in the English countryside. Pushing up out of the ooze was a low-growing weed. He bent down, plucked a sprig and held it up. “Fat hen. Humans have eaten it for thousands of years. We’re going to need a lot of it.” After a glance among us, my family and I set .... Read More