Sarah Palin forgets to sign application to trademark her name

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Sarah Palin and her daughter Bristol Palin both failed in attempts to trademark their names, because they forgot to sign the applications, Reuters reports.

The two Palins applied to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Nov. 5 to trademark their names for “motivational speaking services."

“Registration is refused because the applied-for mark, SARAH PALIN, consists of a name identifying a particular living individual whose consent to register the mark is not of record," the patent agency said in an office action. "Please note this refusal will be withdrawn if applicant provides written consent from the individual identified in the applied-for mark.”

Bristol Palin’s application drew the same response.

The applications will be fixed, and the trademarks are likely to be granted, the attorney now handling the trademark process for the Palins told Reuters.

Palin has become one of the most recognizable names in U.S. politics and Bristol became famous as a contestant on ABC’s "Dancing with the Stars.” Both women have staked out careers on the lecture circuit, Sarah Palin in conjunction with “providing motivational speaking services in the field of politics, culture, business and values,” her application says.

Bristol Palin, who became an abstinence-only sex education speaker following an out-of-wedlock teenage pregnancy, is seeking to trademark her name in connection with her role as a motivational speaker “in the field of life choices.”

Legal experts told Reuters that it’s unusual for politicians to formally trademark their names because they are generally not associated with commercially valuable products or services. Trademarking a name is more common for celebrities in the fields of entertainment, fashion or sports.



-1 1 John L. Welch 2011-02-07 11:52
FYI Many, many trademark applications are filed without applicant's signature: Standard practice and no big deal.
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