Romney loses ‘sugar daddy’ endorsement over 47 percent remarks

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Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has lost a “sugar daddy” endorsement over the “47 percent” remarks that have gone viral this week.

The dating website announced earlier this summer that Romney was most popular with millionaires using its services. It also endorsed the nominee, citing his “sugar daddy-ism” earlier this year.

But the service rescinded the endorsement on Sept. 20.

“While we agree with Romney that 47 percent of Americans will never vote for him no matter what, the president of a country needs to think of 100 percent of its people,” said Brandon Wade, founder. “For this reason, we can no longer endorse Mitt Romney for president.”

A hidden camera at a private fundraiser in Florida in May captured video of Romney telling donors that nearly half of Americans believe they are victims and entitled to a range of government support and that as a candidate, he doesn’t feel a need to worry about them.

Wade said, “Our website will still caters to everyone by matching the wealthy 1 percent with the remaining 99 percent.”

The dating site has about 1.7 million members – about a million of them are in the United States.