Preacher blames gays for Hurricane Sandy

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 A Christian religious leader lost no time in proclaiming Hurricane Sandy to be proof that “God is systematically destroying America” as judgment for the “homosexual agenda.”

John McTernan drew the same conclusion about Hurricane Katrina (2005) and Isaac (2012), both of which hit during New Orleans’ gay Southern Decadence event, he pointed out.

McTernan blamed this summer’s heat wave and record forest fires in the West on God’s wrath. reports that ex-gay activist Linda Wall also has linked Sandy with the wrath of God.

Other far-right religious extremists are expected to follow suit in blaming Hurricane Sandy on America’s growing permissiveness toward LGBT people. The religious right has made a practice of linking LGBT people to natural disasters in an effort to demonize them.

Throughout world history, various interest groups have scapegoated marginalized people for disasters. In the Middle Ages, the Roman Catholic Church blamed the the plague on Jews.

Contemporary  American preachers have been largely silent, however, about the many storms that hit the Bible Belt, as well the hurricane that delayed this year’s Republican National Convention in Tampa.