Poll: For LGBT voters economy key issue

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Findings from Harris Interactive for Logo TV.

A poll released this week for Logo TV shows that the economy tops the issues chart for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender voters in 2012.

The poll, conducted online by Harris Interactive, also shows that priorities for LGBT issues are similar to the top issues for the general voting population.

Voters were asked: Which issue will be the most important in how you vote in the presidential election this November?

Eighteen percent of LGBT voters and 24 percent of voters in general said economic issues, which ranked the No. 1 concern.

No. 2, for both groups, was unemployment and jobs.

No. 3 for both: Health care.

About 9 percent of LGBT voters and 1 percent of voters in general said “ gay rights in general” was the most important issue.

Social Security was the most important issue for 7 percent in both groups.

Nine percent of LGBT voters and 11 percent of voters in general said the federal budget was the top issue.

Six percent of LGBT voters and 1 percent of general population voters said same-sex marriage ranked No. 1.

Voters also were asked: Are you more likely or less likely to vote for a candidate who supports the following issues, or would it have no effect on your voting behavior? The issues included fighting bullying with tougher laws, banning workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation, continuing open service for gays in the military, legalizing same-sex marriage and protecting adoptions by gay parents.

Voters in general were more likely to support pro-gay candidates, the poll found.

Kenneth Sherrill, political science professor at Hunter College, CUNY, said in a news release, “This survey documents a political transformation of epic proportions. LGBT rights are no longer a wedge issue in American politics. Instead, support for LGBT rights is now a mainstream position and candidates stand to benefit from their support for LGBT rights.

“The data also demonstrate that LGBT voters are active, savvy, and discerning voters who support candidates who support their interests, but that they also are by no means blindly loyal to any politician or party.”

On the question of who voters will support for president in November, 67 percent of LGBT voters chose Barack Obama; 23 percent, Mitt Romney; 3 percent, Gary Johnson; 3 percent Jill Stein and 3 percent were uncertain.

Among the general population, support was 48 percent for Obama and 42 percent for Romney.

One in five LGBT voters said they’d consider voting for Romney if his positions on LGBT issues were the same as Obama’s positions.