Phone photos lead to arrest of two Zimbabwean men

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Zimbabwean authorities arrested two men after a third person provided photographs of them embracing in bed.

The New Zimbabwe reports that one of the detainees had left a phone charging at an Harare mobile store, where an employee looked through his photographs. The employee apparently found the bedroom images and called the police to report the men.

"I can confirm that we have arrested two men who are assisting officers with their investigations following the discovery of a set of images of a sexual nature. No charges have been brought at present," a police said, according to the New Zimbabwe.

One witness told the news service that before authorities arrived to arrest the men, a crowd gathered to “mete out” justice.

Another said people threw stones and made catcalls.

The New Zimbabwe reported that one of the men arrested denied he is gay and explained the photographs were the result of a drunken night in which he “ended up behaving strangely.” It was unclear from the initial report when he said this.

Same-sex relations are illegal in Zimbabwe.

Human rights activists want that to change in the new charter being drafted, but President Robert Mugabe, who has said gays are “worse than dogs” and “filth,” opposes decriminalization.

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