Marriage equality group launches phone-from-home campaign

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Marriage Equality USA, starting Nov., 3, is partnering with state campaigns in Washington, Maryland, Minnesota andMaine on the “Phone from Home" program. The drive will continue through Election Day.

"The key to winning marriage equality is contacting our supporters to turn out at the polls on Election Day,” said MEUSA executive director Brian Silva in a news release. “The Phone from Home program enables our dedicated volunteers from coast-to-coast to make simple but powerful Get Out the Vote calls from their own homes to remind fair-minded voters how critical it is that they get out and vote."

Added MEUSA media director Stuart Gaffney, "We are on the verge of making marriage history this November with marriage rights on the ballot in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington. That’s why it’s exciting to see so many volunteers signing up at – by spending just a few hours of time making calls from home, we are laying the groundwork today so that wedding bells can ring out tomorrow."

The program provides training, scripts and the technology to enable volunteers to make calls from home using just an internet-enabled computer and phone.

In Maryland, Maine and Washington, voters are deciding whether to legalize gay marriage. In Minnesota, voters are deciding whether to ban same-sex marriage in their state constitution.

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