Man beaten after calling Waffle House patrons 'faggots'

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A group of apparently gay Atlanta Waffle House patrons fought back when a customer hurled the word “faggot” at them.

A video of the scuffle posted on the site World Star Hip Hop on Oct. 16 shows a group of angry patrons punching, slapping and kicking the homophobe to the ground after he used the anti-gay slur. Meanwhile, onlookers cheer the attackers.

“Get mad,” shouts one voice in the crowd.

The attack seems to begin with a woman reprimanding the man who shouted “faggots” at the group. The argument quickly escalates into a beating, which leaves the man cowering on the ground, shielding his head and face.

The video received hundreds of upvotes after it was posted on a Reddit forum. One commenter compared the attack with the gay vigilante group Lavender Panthers, which patrolled San Francisco’s gay areas in the 1970s.

Similar groups have made appearances around the country over the years, including Chicago’s Pink Angels during the early 1990s. Chicago’s East Lakeview gay entertainment strip has been patrolled by police officers on bikes since the early 2000s.

In May, anti-gay skinheads seriously injured two customers at a Waffle House in Columbus, Ohio, in an attack.