Make-up artist claims Romney's deep tan for Univision audience was natural

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ABC/Univision claims to have solved the mystery of the bright orange tan that Mitt Romney sported during an appearance on Univision, the Spanish language network. Liberal bloggers had accused Romney of darkening his skin to appear more appealing to Latino voters.

Univision, which spoke to the cosmetologist who prepared the GOP presidential nominee for the interview, determined that Romney had not deliberately darkened his skin.

“What they (bloggers and commenters) have done is all a bit sad to me,” 25-year veteran makeup artist Lazz Rodriguez told Univision. He said Romney was deeply tanned when he sat down in his makeup chair. Rodriguez said he applied the MAC Studio Fix powder plus foundation in shade NW30 that used on Romney could not have darkened his skin color.

But critics remain unconvinced, noting that the candidate’s face was a bit more colored at a campaign fundraiser in Atlanta, Ga., before his Univision interview, but nowhere near as bronze as her appeared on stage at the Univision filming.

At the same campaign fundraiser where he made his infamous remark accusing 47 percent of Americans to be moochers, he also said that he’d have more luck winning the White House if he were Latino.

Romney’s father George Romney was born in a Mormon colony in Mexico.

The Romney campaign has not denied another charge stemming from the Univision appearance, however. Anchor Maria Elena Salinas accused the campaign of stacking the audience with Republican activists to ensure Romney would get a loud welcome when he appeared.

Salinas, who is one of the most influential Spanish-language broadcasters in the nation, also said Romney was dissatisfied with the pre-taped introduction before his appearance and demanded that it be redone.

“It was a very awkward moment, believe me,” Salinas told