Judge: No new injunction in Arizona's anti-immigrant law

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Republican Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona. - PHOTO: File

A federal district judge has blocked the "harboring" provision of Arizona's SB 1070 anti-immigrant law but refused to issue a new injunction on the law's most controversial authorization – the so-called show-me-your-papers provision.

The provision will go into effect in about 10 days in Arizona, after additional procedures are followed to lift an injunction in the federal government's challenge to SB 1070, according to the ACLU.

“The district court was correct in blocking Arizona's harboring statute, which criminalized many everyday interactions with unauthorized immigrants,” said ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project director Cecillia Wang.

“Unfortunately,” she continued, “the district court's ruling let the 'show me your papers' law stand, without addressing significant new evidence that it was passed with a discriminatory motive and will result in illegal detention.”

Wang said the ACLU would continue to challenge the legislation as part of a coalition of civil rights groups. Other challengers include the National Immigration Law Center and MALDEF, who have argued that the state lacks the authority to enact the state harboring prohibition.

They also have argued that SB 1070 will cause people to be detained while their immigration status is checked even though the Supreme Court recently made clear that such detention is unconstitutional and that the law violates the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment. Discrimination against Latinos, who make up one-third of Arizona's population, was a motivation behind the law's passage, said the ACLU.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer hailed the judge's decision as police readied to enforce the law in the state.

Meanwhile, across the country in Charlotte, N.C., where Democrats are gathered for their national convention, denounciations were heard in the convention center and from one delegate hotel to the next early Sept. 6.

The party has focused on immigration at the speaker's podium in Prime Time and in numerous forums outside the covention hall.