International group to monitor U.S. election

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The international Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe has opened an observation mission for the U.S. general election.

The action follows an invitation from U.S. authorities and is a continuation of monitoring in the U.S. that began in 2002.

The United States is pledged to conduct elections in accordance with OSCE standards.

The mission is led by Ambassador Daan Everts and consists of 13 international experts based in Washington D.C. and 44 long-term observers to be deployed throughout the country.

The observers are drawn from 23 countries and will campaign activities, the work of the election administration and relevant government bodies, including voter registration, and the resolution of election disputes.

The office will not carry out systematic or comprehensive observation of the voting, counting and tabulation of ballots on Election Day. But observers will visit polling places.

The office will issue a preliminary paper on Nov. 7 and a comprehensive analysis of the process about two months after the election.